What Song is This?

Do you find yourself asking the above question often when you are at a restaurant, a bar or any place where music is playing? If your answer is yes, then you should check out some really cool apps as well as websites that help you identify the songs within minutes.

It happens a lot – you are busy with your work and you listen to a song playing in the background and you like it instantly. However, you have no idea what song is that or know any details about the album name or the artists that would help you purchase it for yourself. If you go to search engines like Google or Bing, it won’t help you much either unless you know a few lines of the song. So, what would you do when you ask yourself – what song is this – and how would you identify it?

The answer is pretty simple as there are many awesome mobile apps as well as websites that can help you find the name of the song within minutes. In this article, we are going to look at some of these resources to identify the name of the songs as well as all the details about it.

What Song is This – Use Apps to Identify The Song

1. Shazam

shazam what song is this

The most popular app to identify music is Shazam and it’s available for free (up to a limit) for Android, iOS, BlackBerry as well as Windows Phone. If you own any of these devices, then you can download the app right now by going to the respective app stores.

Using Shazam app is pretty simple – you simply have to hold your phone towards the audio source with the app open and then hit the Tag button and it will identify the music for you. The app requires Internet access to identify the song, but even if you don’t have Internet access at that particular moment, the app will save the tag and identify the song as soon as you are connected to Internet.

The free version of Shazam will help you identify only 5 tracks per month, which is not a lot. However, you can upgrade to Shazam Encore, its paid version, for $4.99 and identify unlimited songs.

[Download: AndroidiOSWindows PhoneBlackBerry]

2. SoundHound

soundhound app identify songs

SoundHound is another application that is extremely great at identifying songs that play in the background as well as for playing music when you feel like it. The app is available for free with some ads, and if you want to remove the ads, then you can pay $4.99 to get the premium version.

If you have some music or tune stuck in your brain but you don’t know the lyrics of the song, then you can hum the melody and sing a few words that you can remember and SoundHound will identify it for you. Apart from this, the app also supports hands-free operation as you can play music, add songs and tracks to your Spotify playlist, get information about the music industry and identify songs by just giving voice commands.

For Example:

  • “OK Hound, what’s this song?” – To identify songs.
  • “OK Hound, play Katy Perry’s top video” – Plays the top video of Katy Perry at that time.
  • “OK Hound, add Dark Horse to my Spotify Playlist” – Adds the Dark Horse song to your Playlist.
  • “OK Hound, what’s Taylor Swift’s latest song?” – Gives you name and the information about Taylor Swift’s latest song.

All you have to do is tap on the orange button in the app to instantly identify the song as well as get the lyrics of the song on your screen so that you can sing it along giving your the karaoke feel.

[Download: AndroidiOSWindows PhoneBlackBerry]

3. MusicID

musicid app to identify songs

Another awesome app that helps you in identifying songs is MusicID and it is available for both iOS and Android devices. The app does one thing and it does it best and that is to identify songs when you ask what song is this!

With the MusicID app on your smartphone, you can quickly identify a song playing in the background as well as make a note to remember exactly “when” and “where” you identified that particular song. Moreover, you can easily buy the song you like for yourself with a simple tap, view trending artists as well as get similar songs by your favorite artists.

You can download the app on your iOS device as well as Android device, but if you use AT&T, then you can use it on BlackBerry phones, Java devices and more. Moreover, it runs an SMS based service for people in the US – dial a short code, hold your phone where the music is playing and you will get the results via a text message.

[Download: AndroidVisit Website]

4. Musixmatch

musixmatch songs lyrics app

Musixmatch is an awesome music app with one of the largest collection of song lyrics that you can use with YouTube, Spotify, Pandora and more. The app is available for Android, iOS as well as Windows Phone.

Although, the app is mainly used to find the lyrics of the songs that you are listening to, it can be used to identify the songs as well and get all the details about it. With the application, you can listen to music and find out what song that is and then get lyrics so that you can sing along. Apart from that, Musixmatch have tons of features that a music apps should have.

The app is available for free on all devices, but it contains in-app purchases and advertisements. To get rid of these ads, you can upgrade to premium version.

[Download: AndroidiOSWindows Phone]

What Song is This – Use Your Voice to Identify Songs

5. Midomi

There are apps that you can use to identify songs and then there are websites that offer you the same service. Midomi is one such website that is quite popular because it recognizes the tracks accurately.

midomi website what song is this

To know about the song that’s stuck in your head, go to the Midomi website, grab the microphone and hum the tune yourself and the website will identify the song for you and give you all its details. Alternatively, you can also play a short recording of the track to learn its name.

Unlike Shazam that is a mobile app, Midomi is a website that is available for free and you can use it on your computer or laptop. For best results, sing the tune for at least 10 seconds with volume high and avoid any background noise. Once the tune is recorded properly by the website, it will display a list of matching songs on your screen.

[Go to Website: Midomi]

What Song is This – Ask Other People

6. WatZatSong

There will be times when you will be unable to identify the songs even after using all the mobile apps as well as the websites. So when the computers fail to come to your rescue, you need to take the help from the fellow humans!

watzatsong music recognition website

There is a social website called WatZatSong that lets you upload a short audio recording of the song that you want to identify. Once the recording is posted on the website, other members will then try to help you in finding the name of the song or album. You can make their job a lot easier if you add details about the song like the language in which it is sung or the music style.

The best part about WatZatSong (What’s That Song) is that it allows you to cross post the same request across other social networks like Facebook, Twitter and others so that other members can also help you out with your request.

[Go to Website: WatZatSong]

7. NameMyTune

Another amazing website that lets you identify songs and music is NameMyTune! The website works pretty simply as you upload a short recording of the track that you want to learn about and once it is recognized, you will receive an email with the results.

namemytune website

The interface of the website is pretty simple – go to the website, record the song using your microphone, click on the “Find the Name of a Song” option, enter the genre and the era of the song and your email address and then hit the Submit button.

That’s it! Once the users have identified the song on the website, you will receive an email regarding the same. It may take some time but it gives you results when you ask what song is this!

[Go to Website: NameMyTune]

What Song is This – Use Virtual Keyboard

8. Musipedia

Musipedia is a melody search engine which is inspired by Wikipedia and helps you find the details of the songs using various methods.

You can search for the song by playing the tune on the virtual piano or record the song using a microphone. Since the website is more useful for classical music, it still gives you the best results when identifying your songs. The best part about the website is that unlike other apps and websites that find songs that match the recording exactly, Musipedia will find all the songs and music containing the melody you just recorded.

[Go to Website: Musipedia]

9. MelodyCatcher

If you can play the tune on a virtual keyboard on your computer screen, then you will be able to use MelodyCatcher to identify the name of the song or the track that you are looking for.

The website has a simple interface and offers you a Java-based onscreen keyboard. You can use your mouse to enter the melody, click Search and then the website will find a list of matching songs from across the web containing a similar melody. You need to have JRE (Java Runtime Environment) version 5 or later installed on your computer in order to use the website.

[Go to Website: MelodyCatcher]

What Song is This – Identify Songs by Recording a Short Clip

10. AudioTag

If you have a short recording of a song on your mobile phone or your computer and you want to know the details of the entire song, then you can use AudioTag website to identify the song.

You can upload a short recording of the song (or the entire song) on the website or specify the URL where you heard it and the website will find the exact name of the song. For best results, either upload a recording of the middle part of the song or the entire song so that the online music recognition service can take the splices on its own and recognize the song that is playing.

The AudioTag website is extremely useful when you were able to record a portion of the song playing in your background but were unable to use any of the apps to identify it.

[Go to Website: AudioTag]

What Song is This – Use Music Finding Software

11. Tunatic

If you don’t want to use a web-based service and would like to use a software installed on your computer to identify songs, then download Tunatic for free for Windows and Mac.

The software is free to download and requires only Internet connection to access its database and find the name of the song. The interface of the software is pretty simple and all you need to do is sing the song or hum the tune in the microphone. It will then give you results within seconds.

[Download: Tunatic]


This concludes our ultimate list of the mobile apps, websites and software that can help you identify any song that you want. You can easily record a song to learn all about it, sing or hum it in the microphone to get the results or use a short recording to find the name of the song!

If you think that we missed out on any other awesome app, website or software that you use to identify songs, then please let us know via the comments below. Moreover, if you liked the article, then share it with your friends so that they too can use these tools to identify songs when they next find themselves asking the “What Song is This?” question.





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