Nowadays being the best in the online world means using the best tools available out there for tasks like search engine optimization, keyword analysis, PPC, digital marketing etc. There are many tools that offer solution to the mentioned tasks however, there are only very few tools available that can give you solutions to all the aforementioned tasks altogether.

Serpstat is one of the newer SEO tools available out there that can help you whether you are an internet marketer, content marketer, SEO specialist, PPC specialist, digital marketer or a content creator. Apart from this, what makes Serpstat special is that all of its features are available at a very reasonable price.

The Serpstat was initially launched as a keyword analysis tool back in 2013. And since its official launch, it has slowly grown to become more of a complete SEO tool. With a database that features over 100 million keywords, over 200 million suggestions based on search and over 180 million advertisements, the database offered by Serpstat is comparable with industry-leading SEO offerings from SEMrush and Moz. The Serpstat SEO tool is actively used by over 100,000 professionals worldwide.

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Features of the Serpstat SEO Tool

What makes the Serpstat SEO tool so unique and largely popular within such a short time can be summarized in terms of its key features.


The main feature of the Serpstat tool is its functionality itself. It allows you to perform a complete research to strategically analyze your competition and also allows you to do a domain vs domain type comparison where you will be able to identify your closest competitors. The tool also lets you keep an eye on the top ranking keywords of your competitors and the top organic pages featured on Search Engines as well.

You can also type in a keyword and analyze the top most competitors for the keyword, the most searched topics on the keyword and also get a detailed analysis of the advertisement opportunity for the keyword as well.

Another awesome feature of Serpstat is its site audit. You can make use of this feature to get complete detailed analysis on your site’s SEO and also get details on common errors that can be fixed to improve the SEO score of your site.

User Friendliness

Even though Serpstat is filled with features, it does make sure that all of its features can be made use of equally by both professionals and beginners alike. And this is made possible by the awesome user interface of the tool. Using the Serpstat SEO tool is a pleasant experience, thanks to its intuitive and friendly user interface.


This is where the competition between Serpstat and other SEO tools really tighten up. Serpstat really does value their customers over anything. This is very much visible from their mindset to deliver the best and the most feature-packed SEO tool to all of their customers for a very reasonable price.

At a point where paid SEO tools can likely cost you $100 or even more, Serpstat stands out by offering their research tools for free. However, if you choose for the free plan then you will be limited to perform only up to 30 searches and 100 page audits per month. In case you feel the need to make much more advanced use of the Serpstat SEO tool, then you can opt for their paid plans which starts at just $19 a month and is quite cheaper compared to its competitors.

Customer Support and Feedback

The best selling point of any tool is its customer support. And if you can treat your customers well even after selling the product, then it will automatically spread the word on how awesome the product really is.

The same principle applies for the growing success of the Serpstat SEO tool as well. Despite being a relatively new SEO tool in the market compared to its competition, it has managed to get numerous positive reviews on sites like G2Crowd, TrustRadius and Capterra. All the users are very much happy with the SEO tool and the service that it offers. Even on their official website, they have featured testimonial videos and even a dedicated page for reviews from experts, which currently feature reviews from industry leaders like Ian Cleary and Brian Dean.

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Detailed Analysis of Serpstat SEO Tool

Website Analysis

All the tools provided by Serpstat are basically divided into two categories, URL Analysis and Domain analysis.

Domain analysis include several features such as the domain to domain comparison, which lets you identify the top level competitors of your website. There is also a tree view to find out the top level keywords that your competitors are ranking for. The domain analysis tool lets you compare metrics of about 200 different domains. Displayed metrics include estimation of website traffic, total number of keywords, newly added keywords, keywords that are lost and so on. This section also includes a few charts that display details such as the visibility, advertisements, organic search and search-based inbound traffic on your website.

URL Analysis include features where in you can enter any URL into the box provided and then detailed results that contain details on the keywords that are focused on that specific webpage, the webpage’s ranking on Google and its competitors as well. The URL vs URL feature will allow you to compare up to three different URL with the URL on your website so as to get a detailed analysis on the common keywords as well as unique keywords used on your competitor websites.

Keyword Research

Serpstat has some very useful SEO Research Tools that can help you in preparing a selection report of matching keywords, perform a LSI keywords based cluster research and also researches on top ranked pages, competitors and search based suggestions too.

The PPC Research Tools of Serpstat will provide you with a list of paid keyword suggestions along with a list of competitors ranking for each paid keyword. This tool also will provide you with advertising examples and research reports for the keywords.

If you are interested in Content Marketing tools, then the Serpstat has that as well. Serpstat Content Marketing tools will give you questions based on the keyword entered so as to get a more contextual approach to the keyword. The tool will also result you with the 100 top results from Google in terms of organic and paid search for the keyword.

If you are interested in long-tail keywords, then the Serpstat tool is what you need as they have a very large database of keywords extracted from the Google AU, Google UK and Google CA websites.

Backlink Analysis

The Backlink Analysis tool of Serpstat allows you to check the backlink profile of your site and your competitor sites. In this manner, you will be able to keep a close eye on the backlinking strategy opted by your competitors and even find new ways and sources to create backlinks for your website.

The backlinks dashboard available in Serpstat provides an overview on details such as domains referring to your website with their Alexa ranking, pages on your websites, pages that are indexed and so on.

Serpstat also offers you to keep track of new backlinks that are created as well as backlinks that are lost. You can also get to see the anchor text that is used on other sites while linking back to your website. You will also be able to view the top pages available on your website based on the number of backlinks.

Rank Tracker

As keyword rankings on search engines keeps on fluctuating, is it important to have a track of the rank of your site for keywords that is focused on. Using the Serpstat tool, you can do just that. You can also view the rank of your site across various search engines and some historical data on previous ranks of sites for the specific keywords as well.

Site Audit

The site audit tool available on Serpstat allows you do a complete SEO check on your website. This will allow you to find any possible SEO related errors that are present on your site and get it fixed so as to improve the overall SEO score of your website.

The Serpstat site audit tool provides you insights on errors on Title tags, Meta tags and Meta Descriptions. Alongside listing the errors, you can also see the priority of the error so as to understand how important it is to get the error fixed. You also get information on the total redirects present on you website and you also get prompted on any corrupted redirect that is present.

Other errors pointed out include pages with low word count, canonical tags etc., reasons on why the loading speed of your website is slow and any issues related to HTTP/HTTPS.


If you ever want to dig through the previous queries that you made on Serpstat, those can be viewed under the Tools section and any list or report that you made in the past can be viewed or exported at any time.

Depending on which Serpstat plan you chose, you will also be given an option where on your dashboard, you will be able to add a list of projects. This is usually where data related to the audit, backlinks, ranks and keywords of your website and be accessed.

Final Words

Serpstat is one of the best SEO tools that provide a bunch of tools that helps in improving the ranking of your website and also to reach a more specific target audience. Even though there are many tools which may provide similar tools, Serpstat also make sure that you only pay a very reasonable price for their service offering, which makes the Serpstat SEO tool a highly recommended option.



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