Pokemon GO has become one of the biggest games in the world and being an augmented reality game, it has forced people to go out and explore the real world while catching their favorite Pokemon. The game is rumored to be heading towards the biggest update yet in December and will bring Generation 2 Pokemon to the game.

A new rumor has surfaced regarding the Pokemon GO game after further data mining that suggests that a major update will be released in December bringing in all the Generation 2 Pokemon as well as features like trading, breeding and raising etc. If the update is indeed released and the Gen 2 Pokemon are added in the game, all the players will start playing it again and race towards completing the Pokedex before anyone else.

The update will include 100 new Pokemon, player-vs-player battles, raising your Pokemon and trading between players. If all this is true, it will be a huge comeback for the augmented reality game.

pokemon go update gen 2 trading

Pokemon GO Update – Generation 2 Pokemon

The Generation 2 release will bring 100 new monsters in the game for you to catch. Plus, there will be new evolutions of the Pokemon you already have – Eevee, Zubat, Slowbro, Oddish, Onix, Scyther, Seadra, Porygon, Poliwhirl and Chansey.

If you have enough candies stored for these Pokemon, then you will be able to register their new evolution in your Pokedex the moment the update is installed on your device. So, start collecting candies right now to get a step ahead of all other players and claim the Gyms in your area with new Pokemon.

The update is indeed going to be huge and could very well put the game back in spotlight, but it still not clear if it will release and if it does, will it be released all at once or in parts.

So far, there haven’t been any Legendary Pokemon sightings in the game and it is said that special events will be held across the world to allow the trainers to capture them. Only Ditto has been released recently, but other than that, there’s no word on other legendary and mythical Pokemon.

Right now, all we can do is wait and watch if the rumor is indeed true or not! If it is true, then it’s going to be huge for the game as well as the real players from around the world who still play the game religiously. Let us know what you think about the Pokemon GO Generation 2 release and if you are excited about it!



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