Without a doubt, almost all Apple’s devices have taken over the spotlight ever since its invention, but in terms of market share, Android smartphones have a better place in the world. As the smartphone world is gradually becoming more and more advance, all users can now turn their various gadgets into what they actually want and have always dreamt of having. Unlike the iOS users, Android users have better chances of customizing their devices the way they want it and mostly free after downloading it directly from the Google app.

There are hundreds of thousands of apps available for both Android and iOS devices that can help you perform a lot of different tasks – from keeping a track of your daily expenses, making notes and reminders, setting up appointments, tracking your fitness progress and more. So, when it comes to downloading apps, you need to know about the best ones available.

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How to Choose the Best Apps for Your Smartphones?

How can a phone be smart if it cannot perform basic computer functions? Phones that are found in the market today represent the simple mini mobile computer with different sizes. Imagine having a computer in front of you, what are those things you are likely going to do?

Selecting apps for your phone is as easy as knowing the best fashion trend. Mobile phone users can now enjoy every bit of their different gadget just as any gambler enjoys playing their favorite internet casinos and slot games online. For the sake of time, if any smartphone user is thinking of transforming their gorgeous and powerful gadgets into the real minicomputer, here are the top best apps you probably need.

  • Video App: Watching videos on your phone is a great way to do away with boredom especially while on a long journey. Check the Apple and Google store for a lot of options.
  • Music App: Another important must-have app is the music application, although the default music app on most phones would cut it. This helps lighting up any environment one might be in. Get your headphones today and enjoy the phone’s melody.
  • Email App: All smartphones now support different mailing addresses and functions. The best of them is Gmail. With this application installed on your phone, you get to respond quickly to emails.
  • Launchers and Widgets Apps: These two applications are free for Android users. Install them via Google Play Store today and make your phone more beautiful than usual.
  • Travel & Holiday App: Why visit local travel agents when your smartphone can do the entire agent’s work for you? Booking.com, Hopper, SkyScanner amongst others. Go to Apple or Google Play store to surf these apps now!
  • Social Networking Apps: The best part of all smartphone apps is the social network applications. With such apps, you get to stay connected with friends all the time. Who hasn’t heard about Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others.
  • Messaging App: Aside from other messaging applications embedded on any smartphones, there are also great messaging apps like WhatsApp, Viber and so on. Use them today and see the difference.
  • Microsoft Office App: Who would have thought an app of this kind would one day find its way to smartphones? Users can now edit their documents anywhere using this app on mobile gadgets.
  • Radio & News App: These applications are best for staying up-to-date with all the happenings across the globe. Get your free copy of CNN, Al Jazeera and so on from stores now and never miss a thing!

After several deliberations, the above-mentioned applications are certainly your best bet on any smartphone running either iOS or Android and including all Windows operating systems. Do let us know which is a must have app that you would recommend everyone!


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