If you are a website owner, or an online business owner, you’d know how important it is to have professional forms that make information collection easy. Forms on your website give your clients and visitors a way to get in touch with you, schedule a time to connect, collect data through surveys, and pay for products and services.

Every small business owner, startup founder, and employee can be made more effective and productive with online forms. That’s where JotForm, known as the easiest form builder, comes in.

JotForm is an online forms platform where you can create custom forms (it’s a drag-and-drop product, no coding needed!) and collect information. The forms are beautiful, and you can either embed them on your website or use a standalone form. When people (customers or co-workers, when you need to gather information internally) submit your form, you get a submission notification through email, your JotForm dashboard, and even a business tool like Excel if you’d like to have that integration. The basic version of JotForm is great, but the company released a more awesome version called JotForm Cards that takes the online forms to the next level.

About JotForm Cards:

Now, traditional forms are all well and good, but sometimes people want something a bit fancier. Traditional forms still have their place though, and you can still build a “classic” style of online forms at JotForm. The launch of JotForm Cards just provides an additional format option to JotForm users. JotForm Cards is designed with conversions in mind, and provides you with a friendly and incredibly easy-to-fill form. Compared to traditional forms, JotForm Cards drives 36% higher conversions, or more responses.

jotform cards review

Most notably, questions on a form made with JotForm Cards are asked in a one-question-per-screen format, where people can swipe to get to the next question on mobile. A progress bar will encourage them to fill up the entire form. With features like emoji feedback sliders, fun icons, and micro animations, filling out a form becomes a lot more pleasant.

Features of JotForm Cards:

  • With JotForm Cards, the very first page that your customers will encounter will be a welcome page, which is completely customizable, where you can introduce the purpose of your form.
  • There is a progress bar below each question that features bright green dots signifying the completion of the question and encourages the users to finish the form completely.
  • By adding smileys and icons to the forms, you are transforming this tedious activity in to a fun activity and thus it will allow the users to express themselves more freely.
  • One of the most awesome things about JotForm Cards is that when the user tries to skip a required question, the card will move in the same manner as when someone says “no”. It’s a nice reminder.
  • The cards sync with Google Maps to recognize the location names added in the fields and even provides suggestions for misspelled email addresses.
  • The cards work extremely well on mobiles as well and are very well optimized for smaller screens. The design of the cards are simplified for smaller screens and the usability is improved as you can perform a simple swipe function to navigate to the next or the previous question.
  • By making the form filling process more personal, it helps you increase your conversion rates and collect the data that you needed.

What You Can Do with JotForm Cards?

When you first signup with the service and start creating forms, you will be asked if you want to start from the very scratch or if you want to use one of the ready-to-use templates instead.

There are many templates available in form builder like:

  • Registration Form
  • Product Order Form
  • Event Feedback
  • Job Application
  • Payment Forms (PayPal Pro Payment Form)
  • Event Registration
  • Hotel Booking
  • And many more!

Once you have selected the template, you can get started with the customization. You can add various fields, change the text, remove the branding and change it with your company’s branding, edit the welcome page and the thank you page and then publish it within minutes.


So, if you are a website owner, or an online business owner, you need to have a user-friendly form on your website because your first interaction with your customers is when they fill out a form of some kind. This is why you need to make sure to make the best first impression!

Try JotForm Cards for free!

Have you tried JotForm Cards? What do you think? Let us know in the comments section below!


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