Super Mario Run is now launched for iOS devices and if you have an Android device, then you will have to wait for some time to get the game. In the meanwhile, you can download and enjoy some of the best games like Super Mario Run on your Android device. There are many awesome games available in Google Play Store and we will provide you some of the best ones to download.

Super Mario Run is free to download on iOS devices like the iPhone and iPad; but to unlock all the 6 worlds in the game, the players will have to pay $9.99 once. When it finally launches for Android, you should expect the same freemium model. So, while you are waiting for the game, you can download some other games similar to Super Mario Run and get a hang of those games. You can go to Google Play Store and find a lot of such games to download for free.

In this article, we have made a list of the best games to play if you like Super Mario Run on your Android device. Download them on your device and start playing them as they are free to download!

10 Best Games Like Super Mario Run

1Rayman Adventures

If you have grown up playing the Mario games, then Rayman Adventures is the best game that you should download on your device and start playing. It takes you on an amazing journey through legendary worlds where you have to seek out and collect all the Incrediballs and bring them home. You can then take care of these Incrediballs, feed them and even make music with them or unleash its power to conquer epic adventures. The game is the perfect combination of action and exploration and with amazing visuals, it is a game that you should play at least once.


2Smurfs Epic Run

If you are a fan of Smurfs, then you are going to love this game as it allows you to choose your favorite Smurfs characters and embark on an epic journey with it. In the Smurfs Epic Run, you can run, jump, glide and dash your way through the 100 or so levels to defeat the enemies and free all the captured Smurfs. Every character has its own unique power that you can use in the game to conquer the levels and you can even customize your characters with cute items. The game also allows you to race and compete against your friends, earn great prizes by collecting Golden Keys and completing daily missions and unlock the magic portals to discover the Bonus zones.


3Wind-up Knight 2

Wind-up Knight 2 is also one of the best games like Super Mario Run as it takes you to a beautiful 3D world with incredible game play, crazy new mechanics and awesome levels. Control the actions of your knight and make sure that he completes the levels without being hurt a lot. Jump over spikes, dive sword-first into a crazed Hippogruffs and go through the checkpoints, bouncy pads, ice blocks, rolling boulders and other obstacles to complete the level. The game doesn’t end here as there are several side-quests for you to play and refine your skills and if you are not feeling challenged enough, then you can play against your friends in the Tournament mode.


4Dan The Man

Dan The Man may not exactly be similar to Super Mario Run but the arcade-style game play is one of the many reasons why you should download it now and play. The game’s hero is Dan and much like Mario, he is out there to protect the innocent people from the evil enemies. The game features awesome arcade-style graphics, bone-crunching fights, powerful weapons as well as upgradeable attacks, custom characters and different game modes. You can play the Story mode to defeat the enemies and take on the powerful boss to finish the level, play the weekly challenges to earn awesome rewards or go to the Battle mode to test your skills.


5Super Plumber Run

If you want to play a game that exactly similar to Super Mario Run, then you should download Super Plumber Run which is a complete rip-off of the original game. The game play is simple as you have to jump and run through the challenging world while avoiding obstacles, smashing your enemies and collecting the bouncing mushrooms to get bigger and bigger. When you collect multiple mushrooms, you will turn into a giant and nothing will be able to stop you from your run. You can fly into the skies on a happy flying cloud, bounce through the subway with the stomping boots and more. The game is free and doesn’t need an Internet connection to work.


6Fun Run Arena

If you are a fan of multiplayer games and would like something similar to play, then you should go for the Fun Run Arena game that gives you the feel of Super Mario Run and pits you against other players in a multiplayer race. The game allows you to race against your friends or other player in real-time and gives you the chance to unlock up to 30 different power-ups to use in the race. You can play the 8 player elimination race mode, use the new actions to crush your opponents, customize your character and get amazing rewards for completing quests and achievements. The game also allows you to form a Clan with your friends and conquer other players easily.


7Adventure Beaks

Adventure Beaks is one of the best games like Super Mario Run that allows you to assemble the party of the elite Penguin adventurers to explore ancient ruins and lands to discover the secrets of the artifacts. The game comes with 50+ tricky levels that has their own unique surprise to put in your way. You can run, jump, slide and dive your way through the traps, enemy hoards, tricky mazes and complete the various levels. You can customize your characters with over 198 crazy clothing items and with 16 brutal challenge levels and over 150 side-missions, the game gives you enough content to enjoy.


8Lep’s World (1, 2 & 3)

If you want to play a game that is as similar to Super Mario Run as it possibly can, then go with the Lep’s World game series. You can download Lep’s World, Lep’s World 2 and Lep’s World 3 for free on your Android device right this instant. The award-winning game features 100s of exciting levels, high-resolution graphics, various items and abilities to use to your advantage, challenging enemies and fierce bosses and more. There are various characters you can choose from and connect the game with your Facebook account to see who’s ranking higher and play the game with your friends.


9Space Dog Run

Space Dog Run is an endless runner game with graphics that are similar to games like Super Mario Run. You have to control the dog and help him escape the butcher’s truck by jumping and sliding through the levels to avoid all the obstacles. You can take control of an airplane, a submarine and a sports car, collect all the items to win the daily challenges and rank higher than others, gather the sausages to strengthen the space dog and reach milestones to unlock new bonuses. There are various costumes available as well in the game that you can use to customize your Space dog and make the game as fun to play as possible.


10Mikey Shorts

Mikey Shorts can be considered as one of the best games similar to Super Mario Run as it brings the good old-fashioned gaming environment back on your smartphone. The game consists of 84 different levels spread across 2 game modes to play and there are 6 different environments to explore. Moreover, you can choose the clothes for your character from over 170 different disguises and find the Golden Shorts that are hidden in the story levels. You can play the game online as well as offline, customize the controls, play against your ghost to beat the previous high score, earn 3 stars by finishing a level quickly and more.


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These are some of the best games like Super Mario Run that you can download on your Android device for free and start playing while you wait for the game to release. If you liked the article, then share it with your friends and let us know what you think about these games.


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