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There are hundreds of thousands of games available for Android devices, and the latest addition among them is the Fire Emblem Heroes game. It is based on Nintendo’s hit strategy-RPG Fire Emblem series and is now available for download on your Android smartphones and tablets. You can download Fire Emblem Heroes 1.0.2 APK and install it directly on your device to start playing the game.

The game takes you on an epic quest in a world where two kingdoms reign supreme – the Emblian Empire, who wants to rule the world and the Askran Kingdom, which stands in its way. You play the role of a summoner whose special abilities allow him to summon various heroes from different Fire Emblem worlds. In order to save the world and the Askran kingdom, you need to join the Order of Heroes and fight against the enemies.

The game is available to download for free; however, there are items in the game that you can purchase with real money. So, when you download and install Fire Emblem Heroes 1.0.2 APK for Android and you want to avoid unauthorized purchases, you can simply setup password protection in Google Play Store settings.

Fire Emblem Heroes 1.0.2 APK for Android – Features

The game was launched recently for Android devices and is a smartphone version of the hit strategy-RPG game of Nintendo. The game was already quite popular and when it was launched for Android OS, it was immediately downloaded by fans all around the world and that’s the reason why the number of downloads in increasing day by day.

fire emblem heroes 1.0.2 apk android download

The game takes you to a world with two kingdoms – one is trying to rule the world and the other is standing in its way and stopping it from doing so. You, as a summoner, have to side with the Order of Heroes and use your special abilities to summon heroes from various Fire Emblem worlds and defeat the enemies.

When you download Fire Emblem Heroes APK, you will be able to take part in the strategic battles where you will have to think about the advantages and disadvantages of the heroes on the go. Once you have evaluated the situation, you can lead the army to battle and control all the action in the battlefield. You can use the customized touch screen controls and fight against your enemies.

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There are several hero characters from the original Fire Emblem series along with brand new heroes as well. These heroes may fight alongside you or may stand against you with the enemy forces. It’s up to you to defeat them and bring them on your side.

You can play the main story of the game and fight enemy forces along with other heroes, or you can play other modes in the game where you can strengthen your allies, compete against other real players, and more.

fire emblem heroes online apk free

To enhance the battling prowess of your heroes and you army, you can use the Training Tower to engage in battles of varying difficulty and earn rewards and experience points. There’s also Arena Duels that allow you to fight against your rivals from around the world. If you are able to beat them and gain a high score and ranking, you will get rewards that can be used in increasing your Heroes’ abilities.

Apart from all these awesome features and story modes, you can also take advantage of the Special Maps where you can find battle scenarios that are available for a limited time and defeat the heroes who oppose you and convince them to join you.

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Download Fire Emblem Heroes 1.0.2 APK for Android

Now that you have read all about the game, its features and the various story modes, you might be ready to download it on your smartphone and start playing it. We are going to see exactly how to download the game right now!

The game is available for Android devices and you can go to Google Play Store on your smartphone, search for Fire Emblem Heroes and install it directly on your device. It may take some time depending on the size of the game as well as the speed of your Internet connection, so be patient.

fire emblem heroes game download

However, if you are unable to download the game from the Play Store, then you can use the below link to download Fire Emblem Heroes APK and then sideload the game manually on your phone.

Download APK (Google Play Store Link)

The game has been launched recently, so you can download it from Google Play Store or get the latest APK file of the game and start playing it.

This is the complete article on how you can download Fire Emblem Heroes 1.0.2 APK for Android! If you liked the article and you have successfully installed the game on your device, then share it with your friends and also let us know what you think about it in the comments section below.


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