I am sure that many of you have heard the words cloud computing, and you may not know exactly what that is. Cloud computing is a very beneficial tool that can be useful across all technical platforms. Cloud computing is computing based on the Internet rather than on the typical hard drive of your computer. It makes applications and documents available through the internet, bypassing any sort of technical problems that could arise.

The cloud is not magic, however. It does not solve all of your problems, it does not do all of your work from you, and it does not make everything cheaper to use. However, it does offer the following advantages:

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If you are someone in dire need of flexibility, cloud computing is a major asset to you. It is ideal for a growing company to employ cloud computing methods as it is incredibly versatile and can increase the potential of your company. Small businesses commonly implement these strategies to avoid the initial investment in expensive applications and programs.


We have all been there. You are right in the middle of an important document. You have labored hours and hours on the same document but your computer crashes and you are left without your hard work. This event is common and one of the biggest curses of the 21st Century. However, with cloud computing, you can avoid all of this, as it provides instant backup to all of your work. This also spans to applications and any sort of programs that you may have invested in. It has the potential to save you or your company lots of money and effort.


The flexibility of the current era provides for effective work from anywhere. This is the benefit and privilege of living in the time we do. Cloud computing is the technology that makes all of this possible. It provides the opportunity to work from anywhere in the world without your businesses productivity taking any sort of hit. This is especially beneficial when you have multiple jobs, are specialized, or are a working parent that must work from home. Cloud computing has an instant impact on the portability of businesses and even educational materials.


The possibility of a lost laptop is very real with the amount of people traveling for business. This can pose a risk to the security of the whole operation. Thankfully, cloud computing can steer you away from having the problem of security since you can access all of your documents remotely through the cloud, and save yourself from potentially erasing all sensitive data that could be accessible from said laptop.

Cloud Computing companies are a rapidly rising industry. While old tech giants have embraced this technology, they have been generally pretty late to it and consolidation of companies has not happened. There have however been many startups, many of them being leading cloud companies. However large or small a company is, there are still a few companies to look out for on this front. The largest players in the cloud computing industry are as follows:


We all know Amazon is one of the most rapidly growing tech companies in the world. It spans to all corners of this earth. It is not different in the cloud computing sphere. There are so many options with Amazon’s cloud computing capabilities, and offers a range of options. This includes compute, network, storage, and backup to software that includes DevOps and database.


Microsoft is obviously one of the biggest names in the world so it is not surprising that it should be the leading effort in cloud computing technology. Microsoft has a full on demand service called Azure. This has grown a lot and has ultimately contributed to the legacy that is Microsoft.


One of the leading companies in all technologies, IBM has massive services offering to help migrate to the cloud. Its cloud platform is a leading one that includes managed services and SDN. These are successful due to the span of the coverage of its cloud computing.

So, what can you do about all of this? Take advantage of cloud computing. It is a useful tool in the current mode of productivity. Businesses and educational services are demanding more and more by the day. It is an invaluable resource to all businesses.

There are many ways to inform yourself further about cloud computing. There are a lot of online tutorials and blogs that offer a wide array of information. For those willing to dive even deeper, there are educational platforms such as Cloud Academy that offers DevOps training and other various courses on cloud computing. This is a reliable and simple way to expand your knowledge of the art of cloud computing.




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