It doesn’t matter how advanced we get, there will always be something the nature has up its sleeves that will make us know our place in this world. We can progress ahead as much as we want; but when the natural disasters are upon us, we can only sit in horror and accept our fate.

One of such disasters is a lightning storm! A serious lightning storm can easily cut out power in an area for hours or even days. This is not only an inconvenience for people who live and work in the area, but can also act as serious safety hazard for drivers, patients in hospitals and others who rely on electricity to keep them safe. In addition, storms pose a threat to utility workers, who may be outside on the job when lightning strikes.

With all of these risks to contend with, power and utility companies can greatly benefit from a reliable lightning sensor system that gives early warning of approaching storms so that they can take the necessary precautions to minimize the damage.

earth networks lightning storm

How Lightning Alert Systems Work

Lightning alert systems analyze weather data and predict when lightning storms will occur. This information can be used to issue a warning and give people time to find a safe place before the storm begins. There are two basic types of lightning alert systems. The first detects lightning in the area and issues a warning before the storm can reach a designated location.

The second type analyzes atmospheric conditions for those that are likely to produce lightning and sends out a warning before a storm begins. While the second type of system can generally issue an earlier warning than the first, it is usually not as accurate and the occurrence of false positives can be high.

How They Can Benefit You

Having early warnings that storms are in the area can greatly benefit utility companies and other businesses that routinely have workers outside. A lightning alert system gives workers on power lines and transformers time to get inside when lightning is in the area. An early warning can also ensure that power is maintained longer and more reliably for customers during the course of the storm.

So, when you have employees and workers working for your company, you need to take all the necessary precautions that you can to ensure that they remain safe. Moreover, you can also prevent any type of power fluctuations when you are aware of the impending storm.

No matter what, you should always keep your employees and investments safe with a reliable lightning alert system that can provide you with the warning you need to prepare for a storm!


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