A strong online presence is critical for practically any type of business at this point in time. The degree of competitiveness existing in today’s business markets requires companies to have a broader set of tools to compete with other players in the field than ever before.

One way to get ahead of the competition, is monitor and analyze what your competition is actually doing online. To assist in achieving this end, web scraping was created. With this technology, companies can have a greater ability to create lasting success, achieve noticeable visibility to fight the competition, and build effective strategies and a stronger presence in your market.

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Monitoring Your Competitors

With an incredible amount of data available online these days, data scraping has turned into a highly valuable tool, which helps organizations get the required data needed to use it to their competitive advantage. Web data extraction is an excellent technique to make predictive analysis, observe the business health of competitors, and be able to successfully grow and expand one’s own business.

Turn to data scraping services providers to gain a better understanding of similar players in the market. Web harvesting creates a path leading to your future success in the modern world of business, as just having a good business strategy and knowing how to successfully put it into use is not enough to reach success as it was in the past.

Nowadays, and it should come as no surprise, technology is changing and developing with rapid advances. Thus, it has become extremely important to keep the competition under your thumb, or at the very least approached with prescience. Such monitoring enables you to keep your finger on the market pulse and opens up new doors for your future success. Thanks to data mining, you become able to better manage your business activities and promote your products and services.

Why? Because if using the right web scraping service, you have access to all data available concerning your competitors, including their market demographics, buyer behaviors, best-selling products, etc. Your competitors are doing things right and wrong, just as your company is. However, knowing what they are doing wrong will help you know what to do right.

Data Scraping for Industries

Data scraping can play a highly important role in almost every industry – travel, eCommerce, marketing, healthcare, retail, journalism, education, banking automation, legal, financial, real estate, etc. We could go on forever, but the fundamental truth is that if your business has an online presence, you will benefit from scraping abilities.

For example, travel and tourism is one of the top industries that can benefit from data scraping services. Below you can find how it is important for industries like travel to use web harvesting.

Travel and Tourism

Back in the 90s, data scraping was considered a nuisance and was a time consuming, clunky process, but was still pursued for its value. Then in 2001, the question of legality was at the center of attention after a travel agency sued another one for web scraping their website. For better, the importance of the legal issue was raised. At present web harvesting is regarded legal if you don’t cause any direct financial harm to the original owner of the information, and just use the data scraped for your own analysis without violating any rules.

Web scrapers typically target metasearch sites, online travel agencies (OTAs), and travel suppliers all the time with nobody but themselves knowing about it. It is interesting to note that data scrapers make up more than 30% of the visits to travel related websites.

Data scraping services are also beneficial from the point of view of your business prospects. The information gathered via web scraping can help you make predictions on the future of the market trends, such as quick access to know who wants to travel to where, year after year.

Data mining enables you to determine what resources and services are in demand and how you can profit in the years to come. So, data scraping services providing companies play a vital role in ensuring that travel companies can expand their business. If you are in travel and tourism, rest assured it can be used to your advantage quite effectively.

Real Estate

A tremendous number of listings are added and removed each day on the web for realtors. Especially after the housing crisis and following recovery, almost countless properties are being put up for sale or rent, but also purchased and rented. It is extremely important for realtors to have real-time access to information on what property owners are searching for, what they like and dislike, what habits they have, and of course market values.

Why not give your agency the upper hand of real-time access to market statistics in such a rapidly shifting industry?

At its simplest, data scraping enables realtors to monitor which properties have been sold and which ones are still on the market. Moreover, it is an important tool from the point of view of closing the sales cycle quickly and having the necessary knowledge and information in the field. Buyers/renters will be impressed by real estate agents that can tell them what will be trending in the neighborhood, rather than what was trending three years ago.

Digital Publishers and Directories

Using data scraping, digital publishers and directories have the information they need to improve website content and performance. If you’re in this market, you can use data scraping services to make the design of your websites more attractive to your customers. Data scraping services are a powerful tool if you need to scrape the people and business listings from major directories.

E-commerce Companies

Web scraping is quite popular among e-Commerce companies. Thanks to this striking technology, they get an opportunity to perform price or product analysis and monitor competitor’s product sales to their advantage.


Many retailers often use data scraping to do research without spending so much effort and time. When items are put on sale, retailers can quickly make the necessary pricing adjustments so to remain competitive. Also, data scraping is time-efficient with regard to monitoring minimum advertised prices (MAPs).

Data scraping as a tool for retail monitoring can help accurately forecast the future changes in trends and perceptions. Use of web scraping services to put your company into a stronger position that will make significant changes to your strategy and enable you to achieve lasting success.

Which Industry Are You In?

Which industry do you work in? Can or do you use data scraping as a tool to monitor your competitors? Feel free to share your own thoughts and ideas in the comments below.


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