Clash Royale Update October 2017: Clash Royale is one of the most popular online games that millions of players play on daily basis. The game is a PvP battle game where players from around the world clash with each other to destroy the towers and win the match. It received regular updates and new cards are released as well at regular intervals, but now it’s time for the game to receive a massive update. The Clash Royale update for October 2017 is going to be one of the biggest one so far as it’s going to introduce a lot of new stuff to make the game more exciting.

Up until now, there was only a 1v1 match, where you played against an opponent in real time and a 2v2 match, where you could team-up with a friend or a random player and battled against 2 other opponents. Apart from that, there were friendly battles and tournaments. But with the new update, this is going to change as new game modes are about to be introduced with new quests and lots of exciting feature. If you are an active Clash Royale player, then you should definitely read on to find out what’s coming to the game this October!

Clash Royale Update October 2017

Before getting in to the details about the update, let’s have a brief look at what’s coming to the game this month:

  • Quests: The most awaited feature in the game is finally here! There will be daily quests to complete and the points accumulated on successful completion can be used to unlock the chests.
  • Improved Challenges: The way the challenges work in the game has been changed as they won’t be over with 3 losses and allow you to play it until you unlock all the rewards. There will be multi-stage challenges and Mirror Deck challenge where you and your opponent will get the exact same deck.
  • New Emotes and Rematch: There are new emotes added to the game using which you can chat with your teammate even after the battle is over. You can even request a rematch, even with a random opponent.
  • Ladder Bonus Rewards: Time-limited events will allow you to win gold or gems for destroying enemy towers in 1v1 mode.
  • Touchdown Mode: This is a completely new game mode, without any towers, and you win the battle by getting one of your troops to the opponent’s side before the time runs out.

These are not the only new changes coming to the Clash Royale game as there is a completely new shop as well that’s going to give out a lot of items for a much lesser price! So, let’s now see more details about the Clash Royale October 2017 Update!

Daily Quests & Daily Gifts

The addition of daily quests is probably the best news that the players have heard as it is one of the most awaited and requested features in Clash Royale.

clash royale october update quests

The game will now provide you with 3 quests daily; and upon finishing them successfully, you will earn Quest Points that can be used in unlocking the chests (which could be Gold, Epic, Giant, Magical, Super Magical and even Legendary Chest).

There will be different quests everyday and more will be added in the coming months, but here is a list of some of these quests that you should be expecting in the beginning:

  • Win a 2v2 Battle x times.
  • Win a 1v1 Battle x times.
  • Play [Type] cards x times in 1v1 Arena Battles.
  • Open x chests.
  • Collect x cards.
  • Play cards with Common rarity x times in 1v1 Arena Battles.
  • Play [Rarity] Cards x times in 1v1 Arena Battles.
  • Play cards that cost at least x Elixir y times in 1v1 Arena Battles.
  • Request cards from your Clan x times.
  • Play card [Name] x times.
  • Play the combo [Name] x times.

Apart from the daily quests, the Daily Gift system is also a cool new addition to the game. This system allows you to claim one gift every single day and on the 5th day, you’ll get an amazing gift, probably an Epic Card or multiple rare cards.

clash royale october update daily gifts

To use this perfectly and to your advantage, make sure that you open the game and claim the gift every single day without fail because if you miss even one day, the system will reset and you’ll have to begin with Day 1.

Collecting daily gift will also reward you 5 quest points that can be used in unlocking the chests.

Watch this video for more details about Daily Quests!

Clash Royale October Update – New Game Modes

Touchdown Mode

Football fans are going to love this mode as you can play the game with your favorite cards. The Touchdown mode removes the towers and whichever player’s troop crosses the touchdown line on the opponent’s side win the match. Here’s how it works:

  • The game is currently limited to 2v2 Draft.
  • You get a crown when one of your troops crosses and reaches the opponent’s side of the arena. To win the match, you need 3 crowns.
  • Whichever team gets more crowns in 3 minutes wins and there is the sudden death as well.
  • The troops will run in a straight line until lured by the enemy troops.
  • Most of the rules are similar to the current game mode and there will be x1 Elixir mode for the first 2 minutes and then it will be x2 Elixir mode.
  • Some of the cards (like the Hog Rider) won’t be available in this game mode.
  • The buildings (like the Bomb Tower) will be extremely useful to lure tanks and dispose of the swarm troops easily and cards like Miner, Goblin Barrel and Graveyard and completely useless in the Touchdown mode.

clash royale october update touchdown mode

Ladder Bonus Rewards – Gold Rush

If you play ladder most of the time, then you will love this new feature where you can earn gold or gems to destroy the towers!

The time-limited events, available only in 1v1 mode, will allow you to earn Gold as well as Gems when you destroy the enemy towers. For destroying the 1st Princess tower, you will get 100 gold; for the 2nd Princess tower, you will get 200 gold; and for the King Tower, you will get 300 gold. So basically, you have the chance to earn 600 gold from each match, if you destroy all 3 crowns!

The towers will get a shiny new skin and getting gold for destroying the towers, even if you lose the battle is awesome news.

clash royale october update ladder bonus gold rush

Improved Challenges

The update will introduce new challenge types as well, like the daily casual challenges that anyone with level 4 or above can enter. These casual challenges won’t be over with 3 losses as you will be able to keep playing until you can unlock all the rewards.

With the new update, there will be some challenges in which you score with crowns and not the number of wins!

Multi-stage Challenges:

New multi-stage challenges are going to be introduced in the Clash Royale game where you can join the next stage of the challenge only after successfully completing the previous stage. This is going to be extremely fun as it’s something we’ve never seen in the game!

Mirror Challenge:

One of the most exciting new challenges to be introduced, the Mirror Deck challenge, gives you and your opponent, or opponents (if it’s a 2v2), the exact same deck with the same rotation cycle. Moreover, every deck will contain a Mirror card as well!

This will be extremely fun as you’d know the opponent’s cards beforehand but what you won’t know is how they are going to play it. You can get one-time rewards by joining the Mirror Challenge – Golden Chest for 3 wins and Giant Chest for 6 wins!

clash royale october update improved mirror challenges

Clash Royale October 2017 Update

Revamped Shop

Shops will work different after the new update is released and it’s going to be a considerable improvement over the current shop!

  • Instead of 3 cards daily, now the shop will have 6 cards everyday.
  • You don’t pay for a single card, you pay for the entire pack.
  • There will be Legendary cards available in the shop along with Epic cards everyday.
  • Apart from that, you will have a chance to get 200 gold or 10 gems as well for free.
  • On every Sunday, as part of the Epic Sunday deal, you will receive 1 Epic card for free.
  • The pricing has been changed as well, but it’s much more lucrative now that you buy complete packs instead of 1 card at a time.
  • Free silver and Golden Chests.

Other than the revamped shop, the game now allows you to share your decks on social media with your friends or store them as notes for future reference. You can even load a deck from the web directly into the game within minutes!

Check out the below video for the full details!

New 2v2 Emotes and Rematches

With the October update in Clash Royale, you will have the option to have a rematch with your opponent, even if it was a random opponent. This makes it easy for you to get back at them for defeating you in the first place!

One of the best changes that’s going to come to the game is the ability to play the 2v2 challenges with your friends so that you don’t get paired with random players who leave the game midway and ruin your chances of 12 wins and getting the grand prize.

After the 2v2 matches, you will now be able to chat with your teammate using the pre-defined phrases. This will allow you to congratulate them on the win, appreciate the way they played or just be mad at them. Also, since the phrases are pre-defined, people won’t be able to go overboard with their language.

clash royale october update chat

Other Changes and Improvements:

  • News Royale will now be in full screen for better experience.
  • The interface for the friendly battles and challenges will be improved.
  • You will now be able to see how many of your friends are online on the 2v2 “Play with Friend” button.
  • Gems will no longer be refunded for Custom Tournaments if no players join. This change is really good as most of those tournaments are just scam and this will put a stop to them allowing us to find genuine tournaments to play.
  • More visual improvements (a new loading screen?).


Right now, we know that these changes are coming in the upcoming Clash Royale update! If you are an active player, you are about to be more busy with the new game modes, the new quests and the new challenges. The update should be live by next week and there may still be more news coming out before that. So keep an eye out and be ready for the Clash Royale Update for October 2017 to go live!



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