The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is finally launched in the market and is now available for purchase as well. The smartphone from the South Korean company was launched a day before the launch of the iPhone X along with iPhone 8 and 8 Plus because these smartphones are going to be competing against each other for the most market share.

You might already be familiar that the previous model of the smartphone, the Note7, was recalled last year due to the battery catching fire and it cost the company a lot, financial loss as well as a kick to their reputation. The company has since been working to get back in the market and put behind the fiasco and it has more or less succeeded in doing that. Samsung Galaxy Note 8 has broken the pre-order records in just a few days and the company has even rigorously tested the Note 8 battery to make sure something like the Note7 fiasco doesn’t happen and the smartphones and the users stay safe all the time.

Since it is already considered as one of the best smartphones of 2017, and many people are placing their orders, you should know that you can really beef up your smartphone by using some of the best Samsung Galaxy Note 8 accessories as well. There are many awesome accessories available in the market that doubles as a powerful companion to your already powerful smartphone. In this article, we see some of the best accessories for your Galaxy Note8 that you should considering buying!

Best Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Accessories

1. Samsung Fast Charge Wireless Charging Stand

fast charge wireless charging stand

Samsung’s new smartphones comes with a wireless charging feature that allows you to charge the beefy 3,300mAh battery without using any cables. However, it even supports fast charging so why not use that feature as well.

The Fast Charge Wireless Charging Stand from Samsung offers up to 9W of power for 1.4 times faster charging speed. You can either use it as a wireless charging pad and place your smartphone flat on the surface or you can can convert it to a stand to read messages or take calls while it charges your phone.

The charger is available in multiple colors, features multiple coils to provide the best charging efficiency and even has a built-in cooling fan to prevent any overheating during the charge process. Moreover, it is compatible with Qi devices so you can use it to charge other Qi-enabled smartphones as well.

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2. S-Pen

galaxy note 8 s-pen

S-Pen is the most defining feature of a Galaxy Note device and you just can’t imagine the smartphone without it. Now, like all other previous models, the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 also comes with an S-Pen, but if you need a spare just in case, then the company sells extras as well.

With the S-Pen, you can do a lot of awesome things on your Galaxy Note8 smartphone, like draw emojis as well as handwritten messages on photos. You can even scribble messages on the always-on screen of your smartphone when it’s locked using the Screen Off Memo feature. This S-Pen is the most accurate S-Pen till date with 4096 levels of pressure sensitivity.

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3. Samsung Fast Charge Battery Pack

samsung fast charge battery pack

You never know when your phone’s battery may die and it always picks the most inopportune time to go off. So, what will happen when you really need your phone, but you can’t use it? At times like this, you can use a portable battery pack to charge your smartphone and complete your work.

With Galaxy Note 8’s huge battery, you won’t need to worry about running out of juice a lot if you charge it everyday. But it’s always a good idea to carry a battery pack with you, just in case. The Samsung Fast Charge Battery Pack is a portable charger with 5100mAh power that is capable of charging your Note 8 and other phones from 0-100% almost twice. Also, since it’s Fast Charge, it charges your smartphone 1.5 times faster than standard battery packs. It also sports a built-in LED indicator to specify how much power is left it comes with Micro USB cable and Micro USB to USB-C adapter.

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4. Samsung DeX Station

samsung dex station

You can transform your Galaxy Note8, Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ into a true desktop experience by docking your smartphone into the Samsung DeX Station. Connect a monitor to your DeX station, a keyboard and a mouse and you get a Windows-like desktop with resizable apps and programs.

The DeX dock comes with all the ports you need which includes two USB-A 2.0 porn, a LAN Ethernet porn, HDMI output port and a USB-C charging port. Using this setup, you can transform your smartphone into a desktop and work on various apps on a much bigger screen. Moreover, the dock comes with a built-in fan to keep your smartphone cool and while your phone is docked in the station, it will be charged as well.

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5. Samsung Gear VR with Controller (Note8 Edition)

samsung gear vr note8 edition

Virtual Reality is the next big thing and it’s a really good news for VR fans that Samsung Gear VR is compatible with Note 8 as well. Simply plug in the USB Type-C adapter and launch the Gear VR companion app on your phone to travel to the virtual world.

If you love playing VR games, then you are in for a totally awesome experience as the Gear VR comes with a controller that you can use while playing the games. The reason why Samsung Gear VR is one of the best Samsung Galaxy Note 8 accessories is its close partnership with Oculus which gives you access to a ton of exciting features to enjoy on your device.

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6. Samsung Gear 360

samsung gear 360 camera

The Gear 360 camera from Samsung is one of the best 360-degree cameras available right now and with the compatible Galaxy Note 8, you can take amazing photos easily.

With the Gear 360 camera, you can shoot stunning 4K videos and click 15MP photos with the dual 180° lenses and the camera is IP53 water and dust resistant as well allowing you to take it almost anywhere you want. The Gear 360 companion app for Note 8 and other Galaxy devices, you can remotely control the camera and preview what the camera is seeing and even control various parameters like the HDR, exposure, white balance, and ISO sensitivity easily.

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7. S-View Flip Cover

samsung s-view flip cover

The first thing that we all do when we buy a new smartphone is look for the best cases and covers to protect it from scratches and bumps. And there are many options when you look for the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 cases, but one that really stands out is the Samsung S-View Flip Cover because of its unique features. The cover not only protects your smartphone from scratches and doubles up as a kickstand when watching movies, but it allows instant access to various information even with the cover closed. You can press the power key to check the time and weather, and even view the notifications, messages or missed calls. Moreover, you can even accept or reject incoming calls with a swipe even with the cover closed.

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8. Samsung U Flex Bluetooth Headphones

samsung u flex bluetooth headphones

There’s not a single person who doesn’t love listening to music. The taste in music may vary but everyone listens to music whenever and wherever they can. So, why not use one of the best Bluetooth headphones with your awesome smartphone? The Samsung U Flex earphones feature a flexible and foldable design and doesn’t get all tangled up because it is wireless. With 8 hours of battery life, you can listen to music for a long time and you can even take calls with it. The headphones even come with Active Key which allows you access to several functions like interacting with Bixby and various other features easily.

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9. 256GB EVO+ MicroSD Card

samsung evo+ 256gb microsd card

The Galaxy Note 8 comes with an inbuilt storage of 64GB which may sound huge at first, but it’s not. The phone comes loaded with a ton of apps and the system that eats up most of that memory space and it’s always a good idea to store nothing on system memory other than the installed apps. So, what you can do is use the microSD card and save all the data like the photos, videos, movies, music, documents and everything there. If you are like me who loves watching TV series and movies, you will need a microSD card with huge storage and the Samsung EVO+ 256GB MicroSD card is the perfect choice.

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10. Samsung Fast Charge Car Charger

samsung fast charge car charger

The Galaxy Note 8 supports the Fast Charge 2.0 technology, so if you should always take advantage of that to charge up your device in as little time as possible. There are wireless chargers that support fast charge, but if you need a car charger for your smartphone to charge while driving, then Samsung Fast Charge Car Charger is what you need. It is a dual-port USB charger that can take your device from 0% to 50% in 30 minutes in about 30 minutes and you can even charge other devices with Micro USB and USB-C with 2A speed.

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These are some of the best accessories for Galaxy Note8 that you should definitely consider buying to beef up your already powerful smartphone. Out of all these products, you definitely need the wireless charger, the S-View flip cover, the memory card and the portable battery pack as they will be useful on a daily basis. So, please let us know which of these best Samsung Galaxy Note 8 accessories you are going to order and why in the comments section below!


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