Nintendo Switch has officially launched worldwide and if you have bought the device for yourself, then you can purchase some of the best Nintendo Switch cases and covers to protect it. In this article, we have a look at the best options that allow you to keep your device safe.

The gaming console went on sale on March 3, 2017 and is now available worldwide! If you are a fan of Nintendo, then you may have already purchased the gaming console, or are planning on buying it soon. So, it is an obvious choice to purchase some of the best cases and covers for your Nintendo Switch to protect it from accidental drops and to carry them conveniently wherever you go.

In this article, we have listed down some of the best Nintendo Switch cases that you can buy right now. These cases and covers will help you not only store your console system and the accessories safely, but also provide you with the best way to carry them around wherever you go.

Best Nintendo Switch Cases and Covers

1. RDS Travel Case

rds travel case for nintendo switch

The RDS Travel Case for Nintendo Switch is one of the best cases for your console and it is an officially licensed Nintendo product. It comes with a durable hard shell case to protect and hold your device with the padded divider to protect the screen and zippered mesh pockets to hold the extra game cards. The case comes with 2 game card cases – each red transparent case holds 4 Nintendo Switch game cards and offer dust free protection and it can even hold 2 microSD cards in any section of the game cards case. The product comes with multiple color options like Black, Blue, Grey and more.

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2. Butterfox Nintendo Switch Hard Carry Case

butterfox nintendo switch hard carry case

The Butterfox hard carry case for Nintendo Switch comes with a durable hard shell that protects your console from drops and there are two soft central dividers present in the case the protects the screen from scratches. Moreover, it offers the best storage space when compared to all the other Nintendo Switch covers as it comes with 10 game-card storage holders, a stripped mesh pocket for storing your Joy-cons and their straps along with charging cable, SD cards, earbuds and other accessories. It is a the perfect case to store your Nintendo Switch and all the necessary accessories and carry them wherever you go!

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3. Orzly Carry Case for Nintendo Switch

orzly carry case for nintendo switch

The Orzly carry case is the perfect case for your Nintendo Switch if you are looking for a portable solution that is simpler and offers the best features. In the case, you can easily store your Nintendo Switch tablet, 2x Joy-cons and there is even space to store cables, game cards and other smaller accessories. The case comes with hard EVA shell to keep your device protected and a soft inner material that protects the screen and keep it free from any scratches.

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4. HORI Tough Pouch for Nintendo Switch

hori tough pouch for nintendo switch

If you are looking for one of the best Nintendo Switch cases that is officially licensed by the company, then HORI Tough Pouch is the product that you need to see. Its a sturdy carrying case that provides protection to your Nintendo Switch and comes with soft interior that protects that screen from scratches. Moreover, it comes with storage space to store your game cards and accessories, so you should consider buying it if you want a simple case that offers the best protection to your device.

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5. Nintendo Switch Elite Player Backpack

nintendo switch elite player backpack

The Nintendo Switch Elite Player Backpack is the perfect solution to carry your console along with all your accessories and equipment and showing off to everyone that you’ve just bought the Nintendo Switch. The backpack is officially licensed by the gaming giant and can hold and protect the entire Switch console system. It features spacious pockets that are labelled properly for storing the Joy-con controllers, the dock, the charging cables, game cards and more. Moreover, you can even store full-sized headphones in the backpack as well as the Switch Pro controller.

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6. Findway Hard Shell Nintendo Switch Carrying Case

findway hard shell nintendo switch carrying case

The Findway hard shell carrying case is the compact, portable and one of the best cases for Nintendo Switch console. It is built with high-quality and durable material and the fully-functional design comes with convenient handles to carry it easily. You can store your entire Nintendo Switch console, along with the Joy-con controllers, and it comes with storage space to store 10 game cards and a mesh pocket to store accessories like cables, SD cards and more. The cover is shockproof and protects your device from accidental drops and prevents any scratches on the screen as well.

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7. Gamewill Nintendo Switch Carry Case + Accessories

gamewill nintendo switch carry case accessories

When it comes to buying accessories for your Nintendo Switch along with the carrying case, then you don’t need to look any further as you can go for the Gamewill carry case for your console. The Nintendo Switch case is built with durable material that protects your console bumps and shocks while traveling and the soft microfiber interior lining protects the device from scratches, dust, fingerprints, wear and tear. Its convenient design allows you to store your console and keep it with your while traveling. Apart from the carrying case, you even get various accessories like a screen protector for your Switch console, armor guards for the Joy-con controllers, thumb caps, cleaning cloth and earbuds.

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8. TPFOON Hard Storage Case for Nintendo Switch

tpfoon hard storage case for nintendo switch

The TPFOON hard storage case is built and designed to make your Nintendo Switch console more portable and travel-friendly and protect it from accidental bumps, drops and scratches. The case can easily fit the Nintendo Switch tablet and there is a separate pocket for 2 Joy-con controllers for better protection. Moreover, you can store 10 game cards so that you can take all your games wherever you go without any issues.

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9. PDP Nintendo Switch Starter Kit

pdp nintendo switch starter kit

The Nintendo Switch Starter Kit from PDP is an officially licensed product from the gaming giant and comes with everything you need to protect your console device. The kit features a soft canvas zipper case where you can store your console and it comes with accessories like Joy-con gel guards to protect the controllers, a screen protector and applicator to protect the console screen from scratches, thumb caps, earbuds and cleaning cloth to keep your Nintendo Switch clean.

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10. Mothca Nintendo Switch Carrying Case

mothca nintendo switch carrying case

The Mothca Nintendo Switch carrying case features a hard, structured exterior construction that provides enhanced protection to your Nintendo Switch tablet, Joy-con controllers and other accessories from accidental bumps, scratches and drops. The case comes with 5 internal game card storage space and mesh pocket to store other accessories like cable, earbuds, SD cards and more. The case is built with PU material that makes it look smooth and high-grade and it is easy and convenient to carry around.

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The Nintendo Switch is now available worldwide and if you have brought it already, or are deciding to buy it soon, then you need to consider purchasing accessories as well along with the best Nintendo Switch cases and covers to provide protection to your beloved console system. I am sure that you found the best cases and covers for your Nintendo Switch from our list, so please share it with your friends and let us know which one you bought!


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