Best Mega Knight Decks: If you play Clash Royale game, then you would already be aware that Mega Knight is the newest legendary card to be added. The challenge to unlock the card before it is officially released has started and you need to make a deck around Mega Knight and get 12 wins to unlock the card along with many other rewards.

The new card is really going to change the game considering that it is the first Legendary ground-type tank. There are no legendary cards in the game that you can use as a tank (except the Lava Hound which is a flying type), but that is going to change with Mega Knight who can not only take a lot of damage but can also deal area-wide splash damage. Available for 7 elixir and having a higher HP than the Lava Hound, it can jump and deal an area-wide damage and even go toe-to-toe with a P.E.K.K.A.

Since the challenge to unlock the card has already begun and it will soon be officially released as well, we are going to take a look at some of the best Mega Knight decks that you can use to win battle after battle.

Best Mega Knight Decks in Clash Royale

1. Mega Knight PEKKA Pump

mega knight pekka pump deck

The very first deck that you need to see combines two of the biggest cards in the game – the PEKKA and the Mega Knight. These two heavy tanks can not only mount an attack on your opponent’s tower but also put up a good defense on your side. Combine these cards with an Electro Wizard for support or put an Ice Golem in the front to take the damage. Use the Ice Spirit and Lightning as a support to take out the enemy’s troops. Since the deck is heavy on elixir, you need a good pump as well so don’t forget to use the Elixir Collector.

2. Mega Knight Miner Deck

mega knight miner deck

What’s the best way to deal the maximum damage to the opponent’s towers? To distract it with another of your card so that the Mega Knight can get down to business. Use this Mega Knight – Miner deck with Electro Wizard and Mega Minion as a support. You have the Poison card in the deck to dispatch the Skeleton Army, Minion Horde and Princess, which may prove to be a problem with this deck.

3. Mega Knight Hog Rider Deck

mega knight hog rider deck

The Mega Knight Hog deck works well because you can cycle the Hog Rider with the Ice Golem as a tank till your opponent shows you his cards. Also, it’s a good choice to play the Mega Knight as a defense with this deck to deal massive splash damage to your opponent’s troops when they are near your arena.

4. Mega Knight Graveyard Deck

mega knight graveyard deck

This deck contains some pretty amazing tanks like Mini PEKKA, Ice Golem and of course, Mega Knight. You can use the Log to deal with the ground troops like Skeleton Army or use the Poison card to deal area-wide damage to your enemy troops. Once your tanks are in position, drop the Graveyard on the towers and see the skeletons do the work.

5. Mega Knight Control Deck

mega knight control deck

Since the last update, some of the cards got a huge boost in their stats and 2 of those cards were Mini PEKKA and Ice Wizard. The Mini PEKKA is an amazing tank while Ice Wizard’s defense is perfect, so when you combine them with Mega Knight, you can create amazing win conditions. The deck also consists of the Baby Dragon and Fireball to dispatch the air troops and Log and Goblins to deal with the ground troops. Moreover, you will need an Elixir Collector as it is an elixir-heavy deck.

6. Mega Knight Executioner Deck

mega knight executioner deck

Unlike other Mega Knight decks, this deck contains a Knight as well for a cheap counter to your opponent’s tanks. Plus, the Inferno Dragon can easily take out tanks like the PEKKA, Golem and many other ground troops. For the best win conditions, you need to use the Mega Knight along with the Executioner as support, and keep the Lightning Spell handy to take out your opponent’s troops easily.

7. Mega Knight Ice Wizard Deck

mega knight ice wizard deck

This deck mainly contains all the meta cards in the game right now. You have the Mega Knight as the beefy tank while the Knight as the cheap tank to counter your opponent’s troops. To provide support to your tanks, you can use the Ice Wizard and to counter, you can use the Inferno Dragon. Plus, with the Guards and the shields, you can get a cheap counter against tanks like PEKKA and Mega Knight.

8. Mega Knight Bridgespam Deck

mega knight bridgespam deck

Like every other bridgespam deck, this deck lacks in the defense department but if you are willing to use the Mega Knight as a defensive troop, then you can make it work. With cards like Bandit and Battle Ram, you already have two strong tanks and you have Electro Wizard, Poison, Zap and Bats for the support as well as counter.

With these Mega Knight decks, you should be able to not only win the challenge but also earn a lot of trophies. Right now, the new Legendary card is quite beefy and strong and it looks like it will be nerfed pretty soon. So, before that happens, use these best Mega Knight decks to collect as many trophies as you can.


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