In this article, we have listed down some of the best lock screen apps for Android that are available in the Google Play Store for free. The normal lock screen that you get on your device is well and good but if you are looking for a more evolved option, then you need to install a good lock screen app.

The default lock screen provided with the OS on your smartphone is not really as good as you’d want it to be. Maybe you want it to look more beautiful, or maybe you want more features and options on the lock screen for easy navigation. You can’t do all that with the default lock screen. That’s where the Android lock screen apps comes into play as they provide you with custom features to create the screen that you want.

There’s also the security feature that keeps you smartphone more secured which is an added advantage of installing one of the best lockscreen apps for Android. In this article, we will see some of the best apps that you can download on your smartphone right away.

Best Lock Screen Apps for Android

1. LokLok

LokLok is not just a lockscreen but also a communication medium between people. If you want to have some fun with your friends and need a way to talk to them in a unique way, then you need to install the LokLok app on your smartphones.

loklok app

What this app does is provide you with a shared whiteboard that is always in sync between you and the device of the person you are connected to. So, when you or the other person changes the lock screen, it will change on the other smartphone as well. You can not only limit yourself to 2 people, because you can create a group or 1 or more people and when someone changes their lock screen, the changes will reflect on all the other devices as well.

The application is completely free, but it does offer paid stickers that you can buy to keep supporting this awesome app!


  • It is completely free to use.
  • The app allows you to draw on your phone without unlocking it.
  • You can even leave a note for your friend or your significant other; so that when they check their phone, they will receive the message and reply accordingly.
  • The lock screen is basically a whiteboard where you can erase things and write over it.

2. Next Lock Screen

If you are looking for the best lock screen apps and don’t want to settle for anything less, then check out the Next Lock Screen which is developed by Microsoft Corporation.

next lock screen

The lock screen app not only protects your phone from unwanted access but also makes you a lot more productive instantly. Along with features like custom unlock where you can set a PIN or pattern as password, it also shows notifications like missed calls and messages among others and allows you to launch your favorite apps directly from the launchpad. The Next Lock Screen provides you with several options that you can add on the lock screen for easy access.


  • The app is completely free to download and use.
  • It offers Custom Unlock feature to protect your phone with PIN and Pattern code. If your smartphone is hardware-supported, then you can use fingerprint unlock as well.
  • View notifications like missed calls, messages and even notifications from apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, Gmail and others.
  • Call or text people easily from the lock screen, or launch your favorite apps with the built-in app launcher.
  • It also provides you access to tools like camera, flashlight, WiFi, Bluetooth and allows you to use the weather and calendar features on the lock screen along with most of the popular music player apps.

3. Hi Locker

If you want your phone’s lock screen to be a mix of the classic screen of older Android versions with the modern Android Lollipop touch, then Hi Locker is the lock screen that you need to install.

This lock screen app features material design style keeping things minimal yet beautiful and providing various options for easy accessibility. The app offers 3 unlock styles to choose from – Classic, Lollipop and iOS. It supports fingerprint unlock for Samsung devices and the ones running Android Marshmallow. You can also add various options on the lock screen like weather updates, events, greetings and you can view notifications from various apps as well.


  • The app offers you several options to customize the lock screen the way you want.
  • You can either enter your name or add your favorite status on the lock screen. It will even greet you with greetings like “Good Morning”, if you want.
  • You can see the events on the lock screen along with weather updates and notifications. These notifications can be viewed or deleted instantly by swiping left or right.
  • You can set wallpapers easily and the lock screen app also allows changing of wallpapers automatically after a set period of time.

4. CM Locker – App Lock and Lock screen

CM Locker is not just one of the best lock screen apps for Android but also a security app that allows you to protect the confidential data stored on your smartphone from unwanted access.

cm locker app

The application locks your phone’s screen with PIN or pattern lock and also provides the fingerprint lock option on supported devices. There are several themes and styles available that you can use to customize the lock screen the way you want. Moreover, the app not only display notifications from several apps, but also lets you reply to various messages from apps like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, etc. directly from the lock screen.

Apart from this, the CM Locker app also comes with AppLock feature to lock apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, Gmail among others and Intruder Selfie feature that takes a photo of intruders who tries to gain access by entering wrong password.


  • The app offers a ton of features and customization options to create the lock screen that you want. You can view notifications, reply to messages and even read the latest news without unlocking your device.
  • You can control the music playback from the lock screen and the app provides quick access to camera and other tools like flashlight, WiFi, Bluetooth, recent apps and more options.
  • Features like AppLock, Anti-theft protection and Intruder Selfie helps you keep your device more secured.

5. SlideLock Locker

If you are looking for a simple and elegant lock screen apps for your smartphone, then check out SlideLock Locker app that provides you with a clean look along with powerful features.

slidelock locker app

This lock screen app is a clean and simple Android locker replacement for your smartphone that comes with PIN and pattern lock option for enhanced security. The app shows detailed notifications on the lock screen that can be accessed via double-tap and dismissed via swipe. It shows time and location reminders, low battery usage warning, custom settings for each app and shows notification banners when you unlock the device.


  • The app offers one of the most beautiful lock screen with material design on your device.
  • With this app, you can unlock your smartphone by swiping right and instantly access the camera by swiping left.
  • View detailed notifications, time and location reminders and control music from the lock screen.
  • PIN and pattern lock supported and custom settings for each app like sounds, vibrations, etc.
  • When the device receives a notification, the screen wakes up temporarily so that you can check out what it is without unlocking the phone or even touching it.

6. ZUI Locker

One of the highest-rated material design lockscreen apps for Android, the ZUI Locker app makes your screen look beautiful while offering security and efficiency. Moreover, the wallpapers also update everyday to give your device a fresh look daily.

zui locker app

The lock screen app offers an excellent UI with new wallpapers everyday and several custom layouts to choose from. It also is extremely efficient as it provides you access to frequently used apps as well as music player control directly from the lockscreen. Regarding the security feature, there is an Intruder Selfie feature that snaps that photo of the person entering the wrong password and then it emails you the proof.


  • The locker app protects your smartphone with PIN and pattern lock.
  • Features like Intruder Selfie, SOS, Compass, multi-language support, several layouts, new wallpapers daily and more are what makes it one of the best Android lock screen apps.
  • You will get the notifications directly on the lock screen and also access to the most used apps for quick launch.
  • Moreover, there is a control panel with all the options you will need from your smartphone.

7. GO Locker

GO Locker is one of the most popular Android lock screen apps on Google Play Store with more than 50 million downloads and there are several reason why it’s still one of the best. The app not only secures your smartphone with a lock, but also offers a ton of themes to customize the screen the way you want.

go locker app

The GO Locker app supports PIN, pattern as well as gesture unlocking to protect your smartphone and the confidential data stored on it from unwanted access. There are several themes available as well that can be used to give your device a complete makeover. Moreover, you get quick access to various shortcuts to several functions that can make your life quite efficient and save time. Not only does the app provides you with a secure lockscreen, but also several features to help you use your phone efficiently.


  • Choose from a vast number of themes and locker wallpapers to customize your device.
  • Use the control panel option to quickly access various options like WiFi, mobile data, Bluetooth and other features along with several shortcuts to different apps.
  • It even shows you weather information on the lock screen as well as notifications from the apps that you use regularly.
  • The app supports PIN, pattern and gesture unlocking to keep your phone secured.

8. Lock Screen & AppLock Security

Do you love using emojis in every conversation you have with your friends or family members? If your answer is yes, then you are definitely going to love this lock screen app for Android developed by Fotoable.

lock screen & applock security app

This particular lockscreen app is unlike any other mentioned on this list because of the use of all the emojis. It not only provides pattern lock but also replaces PIN with emoji lock screen. You can even lock apps with it to prevent unwanted access and there beautiful themes and wallpapers to choose from to make your smartphone look elegant.


  • Tons of well-designed wallpapers themes as well as live wallpapers option to choose from.
  • Not only can you use the PIN and pattern security to lock your phone, but also create a custom photo passcode by making a photo from the album your personalized passcode.
  • The notifications from various apps will be available on the lockscreen.
  • The one-tap app lock option allows you to lock particular apps so that unwanted people can’t access them without your permission.

9. Locker Master

Locker Master is one of the best lockscreen apps for Android that you can download and use right away. What makes it different from the other apps mentioned on the list is that you can easily design your own custom lock screen using the DIY editor and even share your design with the global community of users.

locker master app

With the simple DIY editor that lets you create custom lock screen within minutes and tons of options like clock designs, sprites, props and more, it is considered as one of the best lockscreen apps available right now. Moreover, there are several unique unlocking methods available in the app, other than the simple swipe and gesture method, that you can use to unlock your smartphone.


  • Simple, yet powerful, DIY editor to create custom lock screen according to your preferences.
  • Tons of options to choose from and add on your lockscreen to make it elegant and efficient at the same time.
  • The app supports high-resolution wallpapers and features unique unlocking methods to choose from.
  • It displays notifications from apps like Facebook, WhatsApp and more on the lock screen along with the messages and missed call info.

10. Echo Notification Lockscreen

Echo Notification Lockscreen app is one of the coolest Android lockscreen apps that you can use on your phone. It features a minimal design that looks really elegant and doesn’t compromise on any features at all.

echo notification lockscreen app

The app shows instant notifications on the lock screen for easy access and the minimal design makes sure that the battery is not affected much. The best part about this particular app is that the complete notifications are shown on the lock screen and not just the summary and it even sorts the messages in different groups to avoid notification overload. If you want to be reminded of a notification after some time, then you can use the Snooze option and you will be reminded of it later.


  • The Echo Lockscreen app shows instant notifications on the lock screen and even prioritizes them accordingly.
  • With the pattern lock feature, you can prevent unwanted people from accessing your phone.
  • With minimal design and various custom styles, create the best looking lock screen for your smartphone.
  • Automatic Grouping feature bundles the messages from Instagram and Facebook in the social group and emails from Gmail in the work group and other notifications in separate groups so that you can check out the important ones together.
  • Control the music playback from the lockscreen and snooze notifications to be reminded at a later time.

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These are all the cool Android lockscreen apps that you can use on your smartphone to not only secure the important data but also to improve the efficiency and functionality of the phone. I am sure that you liked this article and you might have already installed your favorite lockscreen app from this list. If you liked the article, then please share it with your friends so that they too can use one of these best lock screen apps for Android and also let us know which one is your favorite from these!


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