iPhone and iPad may be considered as one of the best smartphones in the world, but the lack of simple features is what makes users go for Android devices. If you have used an iPhone for a long time or just made a switch from Android to iOS, then you would notice that there is no file manager app present in your phone. So, we are going to see the best file manager apps for iPhone and iPad that you can download to manage files on your iOS device.

The reason why there aren’t any file manager apps present on your iOS device is because it doesn’t allow the users to access the internal file system, unless your jailbreak your device. However, if you are not willing to jailbreak your device just yet, then you can use the file manager apps for iOS that are already available and doesn’t need a jailbroken smartphone to function.

In this article, we are going to see some of the best file manager apps for iPhone and iPad that you can download and install to manage all the files on your iOS device.

Best File Manager Apps for iPhone and iPad

1. File Manager (Free)

File Manager is one of the most popular application for iOS that you can use the manage all the files on your device. It is available for free and can be considered as a virtual USB drive that allows you to easily view images, videos, audio, documents, PDFs and more.

The app comes with an integrated PDF reader, supports Microsoft Office, Excel and Powerpoint as well as Apple iWorks documents. With the integrated music player, you can listen to your favorite music without leaving the app or use the built-in search feature to access the Internet. With the app, you can copy, paste as well as zip multiple files, protect them with a passcode, share files via email, Bluetooth, etc. or sort them accordingly. Moreover, the File Manager app can be used to transfer files from PC to smartphone using WiFi and it supports multiple clouds like OneDrive, Dropbox and more.


file manager app for ios

2. Documents 5 (Free)

Documents 5 is one of the best file manager apps for iPhone and iPad which will let you manage all the files on your smartphone with ease. With the application, you can listen to music, read documents, watch videos and manage all the files and folders without much issues.

The application offers a bunch of features and replaces a lot of other apps. The app allows you to read your PDF files, view the documents stored on your device, view all the images etc. directly within the app and you can even annotate the PDF files and search inside the documents. You can manage all the files, copy them from Mac or PC, share files with friends, sync with iCloud, Dropbox or any other services and use a password to protect your files. Moreover, it comes with a built-in web browser and it allows you to access your Apple Music/iCloud Music library including all the Photos from your phone.


documents 5 file manager app

3. FileApp (Free)

FileApp is a free file and documents manager for your iPhone and iPad and allows you to read many file types such as PDF, Microsoft Office documents as well as play multimedia content. It also allows you to store files and folders on your device and manage them just like the Finder on Mac.

With the FileApp file manager app for iPhone, you will be able to transfer files to computer via WiFi, store the files that are sent from third-party apps (like Mail and Safari), allows to open files in compatible apps as well as secure them using a password. Apart from all these features, it also comes with a powerful PDF editor, allows you to copy text and images and paste them in the desired location, supports zip files and more. It also comes with a built-in image editor with multiple filters, allows you to listen to music or watch video along with full AirPlay support and offers file encryption as well.


fileapp for iphone ipad

4. File Hub (Paid)

Although, File Hub is a paid app, it is considered as one of the best file manager apps for iPad and iPhone and is used by millions of people around the world. With the app, you can manage all the files stored on your device, multitask with it as well as use the passcode feature to protect private documents.

The file manager app supports more than 40 file types and offers features like deep file searching, creating folders, voice memos, TXT files as well as rename, copy, move, delete or zip files easily. You can sort the files using various parameters, import music from iPod library, import or export photos from Photos Library as well as import and export files from iCloud drive. The app supports cloud storage services like Dropbox, Google Drive, iCloud and more and comes with built-in PDF reader, image viewer, music player as well as video player and supports file sharing option as well.


file hub file manager apps for iphone

5. Files n Folders (Free)

Files n Folders is yet another awesome file manager app for iOS devices that you can use to manage all the files, folders, documents, images, videos and other content on your device easily. Moreover, you can browse the files on your computer or Mac directly from your smartphone over a wireless network using the app.

The file manager app allows you to browser files on your computer or Mac and download them to your device easily. You can even upload multiple files like documents, videos, images and other content from your device to your computer or Mac. Other features of the app include the ability to create folders to organize all the files, save files from other apps (like attachments from Mail app), share the files with others, open files with their compatible apps and more. You can create compressed files or unzip them, browse the Internet and save webpages as well. The app is available for free, but there is a paid version as well that you can upgrade to.


files n folders app for ios

6. FileMaster (Free)

File Master is one of the most powerful file managers app for iOS and is ranked number one is over 30 countries. The application is a file manager, a document viewer, text editor, a video and audio player and also allows you to transfer files from your computer as well as share them with your friends.

The application is considered as one of the best iPhone file manager apps because it is easy to use and you can create new folders with ease, use the copy, paste, rename, delete operations, supports multi-selection of files, allows you to import photos and videos from the system library as well as take private photos with the app. It comes with a powerful media player that plays all the popular video formats as well as music and the document viewer can be used to views all the files and documents on your device. It provides you security and allows you to protect your files with a password protection feature.


filemaster app for iphone ipad

7. iExplorer Mobile (Free)

If you have used the iExplorer on your Windows or Mac computers and liked it, then you  can download the iExplorer Mobile file manager app on your iPhone as well. The application is available for free and allows you to manage all the files on your smartphone as well as view the documents.

What makes iExplorer Mobile one of the best file manager apps for iPhone and iPad is that it allows you to create and edit the text files and voice memos as well as organize all the files by renaming them and copying-pasting them to the desired location. You can view, download and share the files on Dropbox and you can even stream music as well as video from the cloud storage service. With the app, you can browse files on your computer, download web pages for offline reading and editing and do a lot more.


iexplorer mobile file manager app iphone

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These were some of the best file manager apps for iOS devices that are available as free versions as well as paid versions. You can use these apps to manage all the files, folders, images, videos and other documents on your device easily and organize them better so that you can access them later. If you liked the article, then share it with your friends and tell them about the best file manager apps for iPhone and iPad so that they too can download these apps.



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