When you are downloading various files on your computer, you use a download manager software to increase the download speed. It’s not really important but having a software who sole purpose is to speed up the download process makes a difference. If you use Windows computer, then there are many download managers available; but if you use Mac, then there aren’t that many options. So, in this article, we will see the best download managers for Mac in 2018.

You might say that there’s no reason to use the download managers on your computer because Chrome (and other browsers) manages the downloads on their own and when you are using Mac, you download most of the apps from the Mac app store. However, if you download any type of media files on your computer, then you would know the true importance of the download managers. There are several reason why you should be using download managers on Mac, and even on Windows, and we are going to see them one by one.

In this article, we will not only list download the best download managers for Mac, but also see exactly why we need to use them. There are several features that these software provides us which makes them worth it.

Why You Need Download Managers on Mac?

This is a very valid question and one that everyone asks. If you don’t download large files on your computer, then you don’t need the software. However, if you are a power user or a person who loves watching movies and listening to music, then you would understand the need of having a great download manager installed.

best download managers for mac
Best Download Managers for Mac!

Here are some of the things that you can do with a download manager software that makes it worth installing:

  • The most important features you can use is to pause the downloads! This feature allows you to pause the ongoing downloads when you shut off your PC or due to some other reason and then resume it from the exact point without any loss.
  • The other feature that the download managers provide is the accelerated downloads feature where the files are split into multiple threads which helps supercharge the download speeds.
  • If you want to download large files but don’t want to do it while you are working, then you can schedule them for later when you are not using the computer.
  • The download managers also allows you to prioritize the downloads in the queue so that the files with the top priority are downloaded first.
  • With these download managers, you can manage all the downloaded files on your computer easily. You can check out the ones that are downloaded, resume the paused ones and delete the ones you no longer need without any issues.

These are all the features of the download manager software that makes the entire process a breeze. So, now that we know why exactly do we need a download manager on Mac, let’s have a look at some of the best ones.

Download Managers for Mac #1

1. Folx

Folx download manager is the best download manager for Mac which is available for free as well as paid. You can download the free version on your Mac and use various features like convenient download managing, smart tagging system, flexible settings, multiple browsers support and more. You can assign a tag to all the downloads making it easy to sort them later using these tags and the software splits the downloads in 2 threads for faster downloading which can resume interrupted downloads automatically. The Folx Internet Download Manager for Mac supports all the popular browser like Safari, Chrome, Firefox and Opera and also has a browser extension feature. The best part is that you can not only download media files with the software, but you can also download torrent files as it can be used as a torrent client as well.

The Pro version of Folx allows you access to more premium features like scheduling downloads, iTunes integration, download videos from Internet, speed control, splitting of downloads in up to 20 threads and more.


folx download managers for mac

Download Managers for Mac #2

2. iGetter

iGetter is another one of the best download manager software for Mac that resembles to Internet Download Manager for Windows. The software helps you manage all your downloads in one location and allows you add new files, delete completed downloads, pause or resume the downloads and more. One of the best features of iGetter is the segmented downloading feature that downloads multiple segments of the same file simultaneously by making multiple connections to the server. This feature is helpful in accelerating the download speeds when there is a limit on the servers.

You can even schedule downloads using the software on Mac OS X – you can specify the exact date and time when you want the download to begin and the download manager will begin the process. You can even schedule the downloads to stop at a particular time with iGetter.


igetter download managers

Best Download Managers for Mac #3

3. Progressive Downloader

The third download manager on this list is Progressive Downloader that is available on the Mac app store for $2.99 and if you don’t want to pay for the software, then you can download the full version for free from their website. The download manager can be integrated with all the popular web browsers like Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Chromium and more and can resume downloads automatically when interrupted. There is also the multi-thread downloading option that splits the files in multiple threads and download them simultaneously to accelerate the process. Apart from that, you can set the priority for downloading files, schedule the downloads, use the auto-shutdown option and other features.


progressive downloader for mac


These are some of the best download manager software that you can use for Mac OS X. If you are currently using some other software to manage your downloads, then do let us know about it in the comments section below. If you liked the article, then share it with your friends so that they too can use these download managers for Mac and get fast speeds for their downloads.


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