Clash of Clans and Clash Royale are two of the most popular games in the world with millions of daily players. These strategy games offer a ton of features and game modes to play and one of the integral parts of these games are the clans. If you want to advance in the game easily, then you need to join a clan or create one and make friends. In this article, we are going to see some of the best clan names for Clash of Clans, Clash Royale as well as other games like CoD and Destiny 2.

There are many online games, especially MOBAs and MMORPGs, that are all the rage today and millions of players enjoy it daily. You might be already familiar with Clash of Clans and Clash Royale that are strategy games for smartphones and then there are games like Call of Duty series which is a more advanced game that people play on consoles and computers. However, one thing that is common in those games is the ability for you to join a clan, or create one, to help each other with the missions and to replenish the weapons and the cards.

When you start playing a new game that allows you to create a clan, you will be able to choose a good clan name easily as there won’t be any others with the same name. But when it comes to games like Clash of Clans (CoC) or Call of Duty (CoD), you need unique clan names as they don’t allow the same name for two different clans.

If you are ever stuck at this point and want suggestions on unique and cool clan names for CoC, CoD as well as for Clash Royale games, then you can check out the huge list below. Now, it is possible that some (or most) of these names might already be taken by the time you read this post, so don’t be disheartened because you can spin the name around a bit, add your own unique twist and come up with a completely different clan name that no one would have thought about.

best clan names for coc cod

If one of the below clan names is available, then that’s great news; but if it isn’t, then use is a suggestion to come up with your own unique name. So, start scrolling down to see the best clan names for various games!

Cool Clan Names for CoC and CoD

Primal InstinctUranium PotatoThe Nightgaunts
The Death CrusadeNinja Frontline The ReaPeRs
Gatekeepers of Savs MilitiaThe AdmiralsHall of the Slayers Hits
Martial WarlocksTeam YOLOKnights of Valhalla
Embers RisingThe HandUprising Rivals
Keepers of the Obsidian MojoThe AvengersZombie Hordes
The Knights and The PrincessesDeath BloomDaily Guild
Scions of Teen KingsDeaths HonorThe Shaddow
EFFECT The Shadow LordsEmissaries of Obis Royal Circle
The NightcrawlersClan of CoatsThe Blood of Amun Good
The Chicken ChivalresWritten in BloodGift of Prometheus
CocoonAffectusDeath Eaters
Tears of GaiaCircle of Dha Gaeil DeathLuck of Drunken Knockers
FaTaLzSevered RemainsCircle of Orgrimmar Bowling Scourge
Wings of the Eternal HeroesEmerald RoyalesOgilvy
Knights of Royal Canadian MaliceDark PowerThe Shade of Deaths Guild
Forsake the FallenDark Tower KnockoutThe Immortal 50
Mad ScientistsClash For CashThe Crooked Assassins
Gnomes MourningLegendary WarriorsLegion of Executive Guard
ScrymgeourPremium AllianceDukes of the Scottish Pajamas
The StrawhatsEternal UnitedBlood Brothers
The DeflagrationBounty InitiativeCrusaders of Santas Little Room
Morning ChaosPandion CovenantThe ABYSS
The AndroidsLight of Light Over FangThe Akatsuki
The Sign of Slyvanas RebelsThe Assassins of the Holy OrderOmnipotent Früm
Blak WarbandThe ParatroopersThe Blood Breed
CoC CrazeThe StormbringersVengeance of the Heartless Assassins
Whitelaw DudesNerf HawksLegion of Gnomes
Dragon Gods of the Bunny BanditsSniperz KlanDARKNESS Reborn
Warriors of Holy KulminraShapeshiftersEvil Blood
Whiteford BanditsHumanoid StonedIron Guys
Death RadianceRoyal BloodlineGod Usopp's Followers
Long Live Harambe!Reign of Crimson HoundsSacred Fanciers
The Stormtroopers Who Don't MissDestroy The NoobsThe Pirates of Keg Jefra
The DragonslayersEchoes of the Lost AgeThe Dirty Nine Phoenix Life
The Deathly HallowsWe Love Emma Watson!Valar Morghulis
The Inner MachineOrder of the Ancient BROTHERHOODXtreme Tronners
A Man Has No Name!The Invisible PredatorsRoyal Hometown
We Are The Danger!Wrath of the KrakenMichael Carmichael
Sudden DeathThe Gods of DeathThunderskull Gangs
The Shattered FuryMercenaries of Cruel ArothScions of the Baby Smoke
The Knights of Gotz FrontlineBanished WingsWulf Inc
Battelground HonorThe Guardians of Kramerica GankstersHunters of Burning Alliance
Route of RougesThe Drunken FortisCrescent Blow
Scarlet DealerzThe Mercenary GuildSons of Tempora Cubes
MetamorphosisThe Ancient OnesDimDimDim Clan
Cult of Dance Magic BrigadeThreads of the Adventurers MafiaMerchants of Death
Underpaid ProgrammersOrder of the AcolytesThe DOMINATORS
WARKNIGHTSVolume ZeroKnights of Darkness
The ChosenThe Fearless Guardians ALIANCEMortal Selection
Guardians of the GalaxyThe RelevanceThe Inglorious Bastards
Dawn of Dorini RageThe Ice-cream NinjasThe Gods of Egypt
Obsidian GloryIdiot's GloryLaws of the Twinker Forgotten
The Burning GuildThe ElvenkinCoC Rules
Real VeteransThe HomunculiOrder of the Phoenix
Pride of the FallenDark TribeShadows of Crimson Hound
Gods of WarNewlandsThe Inner Knights
The Super SaiyansIngratus AzerothLost Silence
Servers GroveLiving RealmInevitable Defence
The Dark PotatoesScythe WieldersPower of Noobs
Grim MindsKiller FrostPerverts Unite
The HellblazersKnights of the Drunken AzerothInevitable Clan
The HighwaymenWild, Wild WestLight of the Storms Army
Star BlackguardPsychopathic OddwenBlack Gunslingers
Fallen AngelsPuny RebelsPhantom Knights
The Black ChiwiBlack CondemnationsThe Unified
The Den of Love BloodSouthern Shadows
Legion of the Horde AllianceAncient FellowshipPsych Chaos
Ravagers of Zeldas LegionLove RetardsThe Prophets of Recluse Legionaires
The Fury of SavagesThe Wano SamuraisBloodscythe Order
The Men in BlackFreebooters RejectsThe Ne Desit Knights
The Saorsa Gu AssassinsRegicidal TendenciesThe Sentinels of Divine Broom
The Holy MessiahsTotal LegacyPhoenix Pact
Angry Soul StealersClan of the Chain KnightsBlood of Weary Travelers
Hand of the Gothic SalesmanEvolution of Blood ConglomerateThe Dark Legacy
Avatars of the Gone ApocalypseDevil's GuildBoomshaka-laka Protectors
Immoral AvengersIvory JusticeThe Guild Squad
Family ClanThe Team AllianceSKYSEEKERS
The Blood Thirsty RøsesBorder CommandThe Pillowcase Disciples
Killer TimeThe Bushido ClanLegion of Roflberry Redeye
Revenge of the Fanny TargetsThe NaeblisLegend of the Honored Elite
Demons of the Tattered KlanExuberant KnightsThe Ogaming Angels
Wrath of Logos Ex EclipseThe Fire Footed AssailantsP.E.K.K.A. Destruction
Lords of the Orgrimmar AllianceThe LegionairesKnights of the Laggers Mercy
Hands of Night ElfThe Blood of Chaos ExodusThorium Lumberjacks
Corpse EmpireCosmos ClanThe Last Action Heroes
The Knights of Genericks TempleThe Big LebowskiLegacy of Cats Nightmares
Tribe of the United StormwindDark Vanguard The Dragon Hunters
The Sages of Scorned SaintsThe Chapter of Chaos ParlorGift of Prometheus
League of DarknessOrder of the Psyche CrusadeThe Knight Dynasty
Ruins of the Sarmation HeartUnderlight KnightsFists of Gods
The Monkey WarriorsMages of Ghostface Knights The Sentinels
Silent Allstars
Vicars of ViolenceWrath of the Bleeding Warriors
Fallen AvengersThe House of FellowshipThe IT Clan
Shade of Terra HippiesThe ShadowrunnersSong of the Blade
Prophets of the Unknown ApocalypseNBW (Natural Born Winners)Brotherhood of Shinigami
Night AllianceThe DominatorsForsaken Marines
The AtlanteansLegionnaires of Seamstress CartelShadow Pirates
Council of Iron RoseThe Thule EmpireHalls of the Death Club
Order of the Immortal LotusMidnight SaintsThe Shadowclans
The Norse GodsWhat's in a Name?Demons of Hell
Legacy of Black PiratesHouse of the Null LeagueThe Lightbringers
SENTINELSKnights of Troll AssassinsThe Lochness Monster
Rangers of the Lost ForestThe Kobra AllianceWhiplash
Guardians of the Black ClanBurning CrusadeSacred Dragon, Fallen Knights
SummonersThe Channel of Gypsy HuntGreek Warriors of House Stark
ShadoweatersThe Age of Destruction50 Ronins
The Dragon WarriorsRebirth of Thirty Second AzerothThe Excalibur
The Legend of Gluttony KingdomImmortal DynastyKnights of the Demonic Order
The Widow's WailThe Seraphim of Mortal JohnSilver Peasants
The Ancient Phoenix BrotherhoodGuardians of TerraGhosts of Crimson Elite
Velvet DragonsThe Promised PrincesChuck Norris is GOD
Allied Shinobi ForcesThe Rap MastersBroken Silence
The Iron WarAngels of DeathRequiem of Explicit Defenders
The Crimson EmpireThe Shadow CouncilNever Surrender
Radioactive InfidelsCrimson Blades of the Holy OrderBacon Warriors
Druids of the Dark GuardThe Super Beast ClanKung Fu Phooey

How to Choose Unique Clan Names in CoC, CoD and Clash Royale?

Choosing a cool and unique clan name is all up to you and your preferences. You can go for something from your favorite movie, your favorite cartoon, a game or even an anime and use it.

When you are choosing a clan name in one of these games, you need to make sure that it’s available because there are high chances that the name you have in mind might not be available as there are hundreds of millions of active players worldwide. This is the reason why you need to be creative to come up with a name that no one would have thought of. Combine quotes from different movies, names of groups from various shows and animes and get a name that will only be recognized by fans of the shows.

This is the reason why we have shared the huge list of best clan names above, so that you can take suggestions from them, spin it around a bit and come up with a name so unique that no one would have thought of!

If you liked the above list, then make sure to share it with your friends as well! Also, if you have some stylish and cool clan names for CoC in your mind, then you can suggest them via the comments section below!


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