Best Bluetooth Earbuds: Today we live in the era when we can just plug in that little device in our ears and go! Almost every other person you find outside has those earbuds plugged in and listening to music. The only difference is that they belong to different brands. Just a few decades ago it was almost impossible to imagine such top-notch wireless solutions.

However, the headphones industry has evolved tremendously in the past few years and it has given us advanced yet affordable wireless headsets. If you are planning to buy a wireless headphone, the three main factors that will impact your buying decision are functionality, design and cost.

There are so many options available by different brands that choosing one can be a tough decision. That’s the reason why we have listed the best wireless and Bluetooth earbuds to take the guesswork out of your buying decision.

Best Bluetooth Earbuds in 2018

1. Powerbeats3 Wireless In-Ear Headphones

powerbeats3 wireless in-ear headphones

The super stylish wireless headphones by Powerbeats3 are your best companion for training or workout. They boast up to 12 hours of battery life to give you uninterrupted service for multiple workout sessions. They come with snug earhooks to optimize stability and comfort. The ‘Fast Fuel’ feature provides a 5-minute charge that can give you up to one hour of playback. The wireless headphones are sweat and water resistant which adds extra durability to the product. You get incredible connectivity, solid battery life, and awesome sound quality at an affordable price making it one of the best wireless earbuds to own.

2. Zipbuds SLIDE Sport Earbuds with Mic

zipbuds slide sports earbuds with mic

When you want the right blend of performance and style, Zipbuds SLIDE Sport Earbuds gives you just what you are looking for. The intelligent design promises to deliver dynamic clarity and powerful bass. These earbuds are made from bulletproof military grade fibers that make them highly durable. It boasts a tangle-free cutting edge technology and an amazing snug fit that feels great when listening to music!

3. Senso Wireless Sports Headphones

senso wireless sports headphones

State of art technology and super sleek design makes Senso Bluetooth headphones one of the most recommended wireless Bluetooth devices especially for those with a restricted budget. Senso offers you a highly affordable wireless solution that doesn’t compromise with the quality of sound and feels lighter on the pocket. The waterproof and sweatproof features enable you to use the headphone while working-out or running. The battery can last up to 8 hours which is good enough at this price. The headphone is compatible with all Bluetooth enabled devices and it can be connected with two smartphones at once.

4. Jaybird X3 Sport Wireless Earbuds

jaybird x3 sport wireless earbuds

If you are a sports person looking for a slim fit headphone then this Jaybird X3 Sport headphones with micro sized design will fit the bill perfectly. It’s so slim and sleek they it can also be worn with a helmet. The headphone features a hydrophobic nano coating that makes it sweatproof and waterproof, so you can keep it on even during extreme workouts without the fear of damaging it. The Jaybird app provides complete control to your headphone’s sound profile so you can personalize the settings with ease.

5. LG Electronics HBS-750 Bluetooth Wireless Stereo Headset

lg electronics hbs-750 bluetooth wireless stereo headset

Great ergonomic design, optimum comfort and advanced sound features blend together to give you LG’s Tone Pro HBS-750 Bluetooth wireless headset. LG stands up to its promise to deliver high quality products at an affordable price with these Bluetooth earbuds! The sleek and ergonomic design of this headphone makes it super easy to answer calls or control music and it can deliver a battery life of up to 15 hours.

6. AYL 4009152 Bluetooth Noise Cancelling In-Ear Headset

ayl 4009152 bluetooth noise cancelling in-ear headset

The AYL 4009152 Bluetooth device boasts a breakthrough in the industry of wireless earbuds. The innovative audio decode technology makes the product better than ever before and you can notice the difference almost immediately. With the AYL 4009152 Bluetooth in-ear headphones, you can answer calls and listen to music using two devices almost at once without any interruption. Your gym workouts will be more enjoyable with these advanced sweatproof earbuds. In one charge, you can expect to get 7 hours of both music listening and talk time.

7. TREBLAB XR500 Bluetooth Headphones with Noise Cancelling

treblab xr500 bluetooth headphones

The TREBLAB XR500 has been created for those who eat, drink and sleep music! If music is your life and you want to experience every piece as if you are listening it LIVE then get this wireless headphone for an out-of-this-world experience. Guitar solos and strong bass will sound like never before on the TREBLAB XR500 Bluetooth headphones. It gives up to 9 hours of uninterrupted playtime and these wireless earbuds take 2 hours to get fully charged. Super comfort and one-year warranty makes the TREBLAB XR500 a recommended buy!

8. Bose SoundSport Wireless Headphones

bose soundsport wireless headphones

The next product in our list of the best Bluetooth earbuds is none other than Bose SoundSport wireless headphones. The headphone has been engineered with great care to boost your workout or training and deliver high performance. The simple interface and advanced features make it easy to personalize your settings for a powerful workout. The headphones offer a snug fit and they are sweatproof, waterproof and weather resistant. When fully charged, the battery can last up to 6 hours of use.

9. Aftershokz AS600SG Trekz Titanium Wireless Headphones

aftershokz as600SG trekz titanium wireless headphones

The Aftershokz AS600SG Trekz Titanium features ‘Bone conduction technology’ that delivers high quality music play and incredibly clear calling facility. The headphone has been designed for the athletes, hence they are secure, snug-fit, sweatproof and highly reliable. It has the traditional in-ear headphones design that allows you to listen to the surrounding sounds. On a single charge, you get up to 6 hours of play time and calling.

10. Panasonic RP-HJE120-PPK In-Ear Headphones

panasonic rp-hje120-ppk in-ear headphone

The Panasonic RP-HJE120-PPK earbuds are designed to give you a secure fit while working out or exercising. It comes with a 3.6-ft cord thread that comfortably goes through your bags and clothes without creating any hassles. You can choose from three different attractive colors and colorful cords that match your mood and accessories. It is so lightweight that you hardly feel anything in your ears, except great music. At this price, you get more than you expect!

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These were some of the best wireless in-ear headphones or earbuds that you could purchase based on your requirements. Each one of these is great and offers the best music listening experience allowing you to enjoy your favorite songs without any disturbance. So, let us know which of these Bluetooth earbuds you are going to purchase and share the list with your friends as well.






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