Every day is a busy day for the consummate busy professional. Every day, there are hundreds of emails, chat messages, texts, phone calls, and various other notifications to deal with on top of all other work-related tasks and engagements that are constantly vying for his attention.

More often than not, busy professionals rely on their computers, tablets, and most of all, their smartphones, to keep them abreast of everything that is going on. Smartphones, in particular, do a bulk of the work, so having a highly capable device with an efficient operating system is crucial.

With that in mind, let’s talk about the release of Android’s latest OS version, Nougat, which was officially released on August 22 on some Android phones and tablets. If you’re an Android user and a very busy professional who needs a powerful phone and an even more powerful OS, you’re definitely going to enjoy Nougat 7.0’s awesome new features. Here are the top Android Nougat features that make it perfect for busy professionals:

best android nougat features

Best Android Nougat Features for Professionals

Split-Screen Mode

Split-Screen Mode allows you to run two apps side by side on your phone, which means you can do two things at once. For instance, you could be inputting numbers in a Google Sheets worksheet while simultaneously reading an article on financial projections on your Chrome browser. The busy professional is all about multitasking, so this feature is definitely a godsend for Android users who tend to use their phones for various tasks.

Quick Switch

This feature allows you to simply double tap the Overview button to quickly switch between your two most recently used apps. But that’s not all! If you have other apps that are currently running in the background, you can just keep tapping to cycle through all the other open apps until you find the one you want.

Picture-in-Picture Mode

With this feature, Android TV users can now watch videos in a pinned window on the corner of the screen (you may be familiar with this feature from the YouTube app for iOS and Android) while navigating within or between your apps, so you can multitask while watching. Quite a useful feature for a little work-life balance, wouldn’t you say?

Drag-and-Drop Between Apps

You can now drag and drop text (and even images) from one app to the other when you’re on multi-screen or split-screen mode, which should be useful for all kinds of correspondence and other work-related tasks. However, this feature doesn’t work with all apps, so keep that in mind!

Upgraded Notification System

Notifications can be a pain – especially when you get so many of them. Thankfully, Nougat makes the whole business of keeping up with your notifications much easier with the following notification system upgrades:

  • Bundled notifications – This feature allows you to bundle multiple notifications from individual apps, which is highly useful if you tend to receive a barrage of notifications every day. All notifications from a single app will be bundled together in a group so as not to flood your status bar.
  • Direct reply – With this feature, you can quickly respond to messages without having to launch the app. Direct reply allows you to type and send a response directly from within the notification shade. Extremely useful, particularly if you get numerous messages from different apps – you will no longer need to launch each app every time you want to send replies.
  • Notification controls – Instantly make changes to your notification settings by pressing and holding a notification to toggle the settings. For instance, if you receive a notification from an app that you don’t want to receive notifications from in the future, you can block future notifications right then and there.
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Doze on the Go

A dead battery is probably the worst thing that can happen if you’re someone who’s always super busy and perpetually on-the-go. To help you save battery power, Nougat has a feature called Doze on the Go. It was first introduced in the previous OS version, Marshmallow, but that version of Doze required you to be stationary to go into low power usage. In Nougat, even when you’re moving around, the device will still go into extreme battery-saving mode.

Work Mode

When you’re a busy professional, it can sometimes be difficult to find some downtime. Even when you’re out walking your dog or enjoying a good book while lounging by the pool, your phone will still be bombarded with notifications of work emails, messages from coworkers, and many more. And if you’re the type who is unable to distance yourself from work, it will be hard to ignore these messages and notifications if they keep showing up while you’re trying to take a break.

To help promote a better work-life balance, Nougat’s Work Mode lets you turn off all work apps and notifications for a certain time. If you can’t bring yourself to ignore the work stuff, at least your phone can do it for you.

Excited to get all these Android Nougat features on your phone? If your phone doesn’t have it yet, click here to see the release dates for all Android smartphone brands.

About author: Alex Gomez is a social media professional who dabbles as a freelance tech writer and photographer. This gadget and car enthusiast also plays video games and keeps himself updated on technology news in his spare time.



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