The battle of the apps. It’s a tough one. Since Apple emerged to dominate the smartphone market, they’ve made it straightforward for us to document our lives thanks to high-resolution cameras and the ability to share those photos across social media with the click of a button, but they have also completely revolutionized the world of casual entertainment. Put simply, boredom is no longer an option when you have a smartphone in your hands.

But which apps really rule the roost in 2017? There are plenty of obvious choices out there, including fan favorites like Candy Crush but, aside from those, what apps can be used to help stave off boredom? Here are three of our top picks:

Create a Personal Montage with iMovie

Your iOS device might well be good at creating memories for you automatically and putting pictures together but the result doesn’t have that personal touch without your intervention. Instead, you can download iMovie, which is a great way for you to create a stunning movie using your photos and videos without needing to spend years learning how to become a movie editor.

iphone apps photographer

With simple to use features, the ability to put voiceovers to provide a narrative, and the option to implement a range of transitions to make your movie look as professional as possible, this is a brilliant app for getting started with true memory making.

If you fancy living the (potentially lucrative) life of a vlogger, there are far worse ways to spend your lunch break than making a video on iMovie.

Short Snaps with 888poker

There are various games that you can grab five minutes on to relax you on the iPhone, including classics like Plants vs Zombies (don’t pretend you don’t love it!), but there is also a wider world out there to enjoy if you love short, sharp games.

One of these can be found on the 888poker app, which offers gamers the chance to play three different types of poker, including 7 card stud, as well as the opportunity to play practice games that will help you to get your brain engaged so you know exactly when to bluff and precisely when to fold.

As well as the chance to play full sessions of poker, gamers can also play the fast-paced SNAP game, which cuts playing time down by the player being dealt new cards the instant they fold. This is poker you can play without fretting about running over your lunch hour.

Unleash your Inner Artist with Brushes

Lots of us are fans of trying to embrace our inner artist but usually we are forced to accept that we have our limitations when it comes to setting up an easel, getting our watercolors out, and making a masterpiece, especially if trying to squeeze all of that into just a 30-minute lunch break!

Fortunately, our iOS systems mean that we can not only take on the challenge of being an artist but also use the same tools as some of the most famous artists of our time, like David Hockney, who famously used the Brushes app to create some of his most recent works of art. If you fancy trying to emulate Hockney, you could do a lot worse than using the same app to have a go yourself before showing off to your friends and workmates.

With all of these options to pick from and many, many more out there, you really do have no excuse for boredom if can get yourself organised enough to sort out a quick app download!


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