iPhone X’s biggest feature is the edge-to-edge display and no Home button and if you are vary about the absence of the home button and think it will affect the way you use your smartphone, then you don’t need to worry. The Home button has been removed from the iPhone X, but that doesn’t affect the smartphone one bit.

iPhone X comes with iOS 11, and if you’ve been keeping up with the updates, then you would know that gestures are a big part of the OS. So, when the home button was removed from the phone, several actions were mapped to various gestures. If you are planning on buying the phone, then you will need to learn about the different gestures to perform various tasks, like accessing the home screen or opening the control center. In this article, we are going to see just how easy it is to do that on your iPhone X.

How to Access Home Screen on iPhone X?

I personally love the iPhone X, not because of its features, but because the company brought a completely new design to the smartphone. The removal of the Home button paved the way for the cutting-edge bezelless screen that is the main USP of the phone and it brought in a number of simple gestures to perform various actions.

To access the home screen on iPhone X, all you need to do is press the bottom portion of the screen and then simply swipe up. The app will then return to its icon and back where it belongs on the app drawer.

access home screen on iphone x
Credits: The Verge/YouTube

That was pretty simple, right? This is how you access the home screen on your iPhone X. Next, we need to see how you can access control center on your phone, so keep reading.

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How to Open Control Center on iPhone X?

As we’ve said, most of the actions that you performed on the previous iPhones have been changed on the iPhone X, and that means that gesture to open the control center has been changed as well.

To open Control Center on iPhone X, you need to swipe down from the upper-right corner of the screen. Make sure to swipe down from the upper-right corner, that is the small portion of the screen on the right side of the camera cutout on your phone. If you swipe down from the center or upper-left corner, notifications will open on your phone.

open control center on iphone x
Credits: Marques Brownlee/YouTube

This is how you can open Control Center on your iPhone X and use the tools and actions available there easily.

So this was the complete article on how to access home screen and open control center on iPhone X. If you liked the article, then make sure to check out our other articles on iPhone X to learn how to perform various tasks on the phone and share them with your friends as well.




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